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Why the big Oscar winner actually couldn’t win at all

The unexpected blockbuster was not only a pleasant surprise in the cinema. Everything everywhere at once it won more Academy Awards than the members of the entire special effects team. And what’s more, everything was mounted on an old iMac. That’s why the acclaimed film could never have won the Oscars.

Young filmmakers often have to make a living first indians. By showing that they can still be creative on a low budget, they show Hollywood their talent and that they are a safe financial investment. So we can almost conclude that the entire crew of Everything everywhere at once soon it will be allowed to play with the biggest budgets. Because how can a movie packed with special effects win seven Oscars with a team of just five VFX artists? And that is not the only remarkable thing about this authentic feat.

Oscar winner riding a vintage iMac

movies like Everything everywhere at once shouldn’t be winning Oscars, let alone dominating the Academy Awards. We’re not even talking about the absurd plot or the relatively unknown actors except for Jamie Lee Curtis.

When all the images were removed in early March 2020, the real work had not yet begun. But the sudden corona pandemic made the post-production process much more difficult. However, since there was no other option, the editor had to work on his old iMac.

Premiere Pro first

“We locked down the week after we went into post-production. And we had to do everything remotely and alone,” Paul Rogers said in an interview. Reverse. “I had a 3-year-old without child care while I Everything everywhere at once on a 2017 iMac in my living room. My children ran after me. My wife worked on her computer next to me. it was crazy. I babysat until 1 pm and then I put on the movie until 11 pm.”

Also, Paul Rogers used Adobe Premiere Pro software. One of the best editing programs, but certainly not the best. industry standard in the big Hollywood movies. And for all the moviegoers who are already on the back of a galloping horse: Everything everywhere at once is he first photo which was edited with Premiere Pro and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

It is not the first time that outdated software or hardware has given rise to a coveted golden statuette. Parasite it was assembled in a ten-year-old version of Final Cut Pro. Only, of course, the 2020 Oscar winner required far fewer special effects than a spectacular sci-fi movie.

‘500 VFX shots of five guys in their bedroom’

So using Premiere Pro isn’t Adobe’s only victory. The VFX After Effects program is also involved in the flowers. Typically, hugely successful studios hire armies of VFX artists who create the most bombastic effects with incredibly expensive software. not so with Everything everywhere at once.

“We wanted to celebrate the magic of publishing, of something that can be shocking and different. Our inspiration goes back to one of the first science fiction movies in history, A trip to the moon. They just put two images together and then added smoke to them,” explained directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. cabling. “So can we. Only we can cheat, because we have After Effects, that’s the only difference. The 500 visual effects shots in the film were done by five kids in their bedrooms during the pandemic.”

To give an example of the ingenuity with which Everything everywhere at once won seven Oscars: the scenes in which the protagonist travels through different multiverses on her way to one of her parallel lives. Made with shots taken by the directors themselves while walking through New York with a GoPro 4K. And Michelle Yeoh? The actress had to capture everything about her in fake slow motion as she was pushed through an office in a wheelbarrow. A leaf blower then provided the desired fluttering hairs.

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Why the big Oscar winner actually couldn’t win at all

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