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7 Strong Miniseries on HBO Max, Including a New Global Hit

Bright sun or not, try just one episode and you’ll be robbed of the weather. In addition to the new world hit love death zAre these the best miniseries currently on HBO Max?

Curtains drawn, phones turned off, and life pause button pressed for two days. Get ready to spend an entire weekend on the couch. After devouring all the best Netflix miniseries with skin and hair, the HBO Max offer is just as scrumptious. And certainly now that there’s a new global hit on the menu.

New worldwide hit from Love & Death

love death tells a thrilling true story of adultery and murder. Did the sweet housewife really cut her neighbor to paradise with an ax or is there something else?

With a first-rate cast led by Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons love death it has been at the top of HBO Max since its launch. But the platform still has a number of strong miniseries in its streaming arsenal.

The best HBO Max miniseries

Unfortunately, the rules of the game state that there cannot be two seasons of the series. therefore none big lies, even if the series could have been kept mini. In the case of the promise White House Plumbers the verdict is still out as only two episodes of the new miniseries have appeared as of this writing. Documentary series are out of the question though, so there’s only fiction on our plate. And like professional cannibals of the juiciest see food the IMDb score for each series is simply a Michelin-star-worthy check of our knowledge.

Well played vegetables, still virgin white bibs; next love death these are currently the best miniseries on HBO Max that you can devour in a weekend.


IMDb: 9.4

best miniseries, hbo max, love and death
(Image: HBO Max)

Even though the eponymous disaster is etched in the collective memory, you stay with it Chernobyl sitting on the edge of your sofa lazy until the last minute. Up close, through the eyes of key figures, everything seems even more improbable than in the history books.


IMDb: 7.1

Equal to love death. And probably the miniseries with the most realistic and heartbreaking death scenes ever filmed. But which exactly refers to the truth is the key question of the battleship. stairs. Make no mistake, he eponymous documentary series on Netflix is ​​also excellent binge material. But why would you want to hear the story, if it can be recreated by Oscar winner Colin Firth?

Band of Brothers / The Pacific

IMDb: 9.4 / 8.3

best miniseries, hbo max, love and death
(Image: HBO Max)

Our hunger for war would also compel us to put these classics on the list of the best miniseries ever made. Both war series are virtually unsurpassed in their respective depiction of the European and Asian battlefields during World War II. Don’t forget to cover the children’s eyes. The Pacific.

We own this town

IMDb: 7.6

best miniseries, hbo max, love and death
(Image: HBO Max)

the creator of The wire this time he tried his hand at the true story of corruption and racism within the gritty Baltimore police force. Jon Bernthal you remember as The Punisher stars in this miniseries on HBO Max.

easttown mare

IMDb: 8.4

Kate Winslet stars as a gruff small-town police detective devastated by a brutal murder. every episode of easttown mare raises new questions and answers until the bittersweet ending.

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7 Strong Miniseries on HBO Max, Including a New Global Hit

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