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The 7 best Netflix miniseries to binge on a weekend

Do family obligations. The extended Easter weekend lends itself perfectly to a binge shower or two. These are currently the best miniseries on Netflix that you can easily fill a lazy Sunday with.

Although the scores are included to verify our sophisticated knowledge, there’s no IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes this time around. Just a preference without salt, seasoned by an unmistakable taste for movies and series, honed thanks to an unimaginable number of days off on the couch.

Miniseries on Netflix for a party weekend

Just to be clear: This is a list of miniseries on Netflix that ended after one season, often with great regret. Also check out all the awesome new movies and the best series coming out this month. Or the new war series war sailor which gets an honorable mention.

Put on sweatpants, grab a blanket, and get an Easter egg out of the closet? An underrated gem here, a modern classic there; enjoy your meal with our favorite food to watch Netflix.

The Queen’s Gambit

IMDb: 8.6

netflix, top, mini series, queen's gambit
(Picture: Netflix)

You’ve probably already seen it, but if not: you’re welcome! Anya Taylor-Joy shines as a chess prodigy against the backdrop of a Cold War that threatens to heat up at a breakneck pace. Emotion, spies and dazzling acting performances guaranteed.

Landslides / Inhuman Resources

IMDb: 7.2

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(Picture: Netflix)

Legendary soccer player Eric Cantona stars as a frustrated jobless man who, after years of scrutiny, finds himself in a manipulative and deranged job application process at a large French multinational. Everything, family, friends and moral sense, has to give way to the possible superior position. squid game to the French

The trillion dollar code

IMDb: 8.0

netflix, best, miniseries, billion dollar code
(Picture: Netflix)

Netflix’s fictional but true story of how two Germans developed Google Earth long before it really existed. Did Google steal the duo’s code? Or are they the delusional fantasies of frustrated and failed developers? One of the surprising jewels of this list of miniseries.

anatomy of a scandal

IMDb: 7.0

Juicy story about an up-and-coming British politician who finds himself embroiled in a lawsuit for abuse of power, sexual harassment and corruption. with a battleship rupert friend (Homeland) in sienna miller (layer cake) as a political royal couple under pressure.


IMDb: 8.1

best bodyguard of netflix miniseries
(Picture: Netflix)

Thanks to his role as King of the North in game of Thrones Richard Madden could start working immediately as a bodyguard for the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Bodyguard. Top English quality, sure to keep you busy for a few evenings.


IMDb: 7.7

netflix, beste, miniseries, maniac
(Picture: Netflix)

It’s not often that absolute global stars lend their talents to a miniseries on Netflix. For that reason alone, you must have seen this dystopian hit with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. black mirrorbut then Hollywood.


IMDb: 7.5

And to unlearn it, we finally fired you a great actor. In Halston Ewan McGregor tries to build a fashion empire out of hot air. Satirical, tragicomic and embarrassing in a good way. It is incomprehensible that this Netflix series has remained under the radar. Except with us.

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The 7 best Netflix miniseries to binge on a weekend

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