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Apple TV+ Series ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Review

Soccer’s Mary Poppins had already achieved her goal in her first season, so it’s a good thing this series is coming to an end.

Director: Matt Lipsey, MJ Delaney, Destiny Ekaragha, ea | Cast: Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso), Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca), Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Juno Temple (Keeley Jones), Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt), from | Episodes: 12 | Time to play: 44-76 minutes | Year: 2023

Several streaming services have popular series ending for good this week. One after five seasons, one after four and ted lasso even after three. It was announced in advance with the other two, but it did not announce the Apple TV+ football comedy. It’s a little surprising that the curtain fell, but that makes it valuable. And some episodes are twice as long as usual, so there’s plenty of time to say goodbye to the good-natured mustaches and the people whose lives you’ve impacted.

Richmond is not doing very well with Nate’s move to arch-enemy team West Ham United. Thanks to Ted, soccer players learn to let negativity slip away from them, but it doesn’t produce any goals. Until a legend decides to join the team. Ted himself finds out that his ex-wife is in a new relationship and begins to feel the pain of how little he sees his little son. Keeley embarks on a new love story, while Rebecca tries to find her balance in romance. Roy begins to see that his rigid attitude is getting in the way.

What Richmond needed was unity. Ted Lasso may have been deliberately brought in to cause the knockdown, but he turned out to be just what the team needed. By the end of the first season, the jocks were aligned and it began to pay off on the field. Finalized. It was not only a good series, but also a success.

So a second season followed. What can be done when the objective has been achieved? Taking the win: Nate felt left out when Roy was allowed to co-coach and eventually left the team. This second season was filled even more with personal stories; the episodes were short but still had more to offer than just football. But it was clear that the glow was starting to wear off a bit.

The smart decision of the doers: to end it. Yeah, ted lasso It’s still a popular series that’s still being discovered by new viewers, but because of that, continuing to do so makes it a series that abandons the goal-achievement format and becomes a soap opera comedy. It would have been a shame, so a pat on the back for creators who opt for quality over money.

There is still a lot to tell, so the episodes are now much longer than before. Some even more than an hour, but never too long. There’s even one that takes place entirely in Amsterdam. A nice touch, as it revolves around Ted coming up with a football strategy that has already been come up with by the Dutch. There’s a weak moment where Rebecca doesn’t understand that she’s walking down a bike path and running towards the canal, but that way she meets a man who is at least played by a real Dutch actor.

Not much attention is paid to Nate. He finds success in West Ham and is still in love with the deadpan woman who works at his favorite Greek restaurant. His boss Rupert, played perfectly as always by Anthony Head whose character is a world of difference compared to Giles from buffy the vampire slayerhe’s still the bad guy and Nate is about to find out why.

Roy has plenty of time, but that’s not too surprising: the actor who plays him, Brett Goldstein, is one of the writers. Roy has always shown slight development, but he only removed a few bricks from the thick wall that surrounded him. In one of the episodes, Rebecca takes a good hit on him and hits him.

The third season shows what the series would be like if it lasted even longer: unrelated love entanglements and dramatic moments. One player suffers from rising racism in England, another player struggles to come out; all very well, but it would become a question of what topic that week would be in the future.

Ted Lasso came to London with the idea of ​​taking on a football team. He did. The members are a unit. The people around him also have a different life because of him. When Mary Poppins reached her goal, he took off again, so Ted can’t stick around forever, either. In itself, a spin-off would not be impossible, but this story has been very well completed. And to think that it all started with Jason Sudeikis inventing a character for American football commercials…


ted lasso can be seen in AppleTV+.

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