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Children sue movie star ‘partner’ Alain Delon: ‘He treats him aggressively and humiliatingly’ | show

The French judiciary has launched an investigation into one of the biggest movie stars in French history: Alain Delon. His children have filed a complaint: they suspect that his father’s “partner” treats Delon with “aggressions, humiliation and mistreatment.”

Alain Delon (87) suffered a heart attack and a brain hemorrhage in 2019. He hasn’t been well since. He lives with Hiromi Rollin (66), whom he met in the 1990s on the film sets where they both worked. In 2021, Delon called her “my Japanese partner” in an interview. They appeared together on several official occasions.

But according to Delon’s children, the woman has slipped into the actor’s life and is now taking advantage of his weakness. Sons Anthony and Alain-Fabien and daughter Anouchka have filed two charges against Rollin. In one, Rollin is accused of using “deliberate force.”

‘She isolates him’

“She keeps people away from Delon, isolates him from his family,” the lawyer for the three children writes in a statement. “She verifies who she calls or writes to. She is bossy and threatening. She even treats Delon’s dog unacceptably badly.”

In 2021, Delon had an unfortunate fall at his home. They took him to the hospital, but Rollin allegedly kept that from the children. “If something so bad happens, you call, right?” His son Anthony said on French television.

Out of the money

According to the children, Rollin is looking for the money from the former movie star. “At first she was just her assistant, she took care of things around the house,” Anthony said. “But after her heart attack, she took care of him and little by little she took on a new role: that of a female partner.” Rollin denies all the accusations. She says that the children are harassing her.

Last Wednesday, the bodyguards appeared at Delon’s property in the village of Douchy, not far from Orleans. They would have been sent there by the three children. It came to a fight between the Japanese and the bodyguards. The latter would have put her on the street and would have prevented her “by force” from entering the house. The police had to intervene and Rollin was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

“My client is also going to file a lawsuit, against the relatives and against the bodyguards,” said his lawyer.

Alain Delon in 2019. © AFP

great actor

Alain Delon made a career in the ’60s and ’70s and became a global star during that time. He played alongside French icons like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve and American stars like Dean Martin and Jane Fonda. He became the epitome of the charming, blue-eyed Frenchman. A few years ago, the Dior fashion house made an advertising campaign with photos of Delon’s youth: only the cigarette he was holding at the time was retouched.

The actor was adored by women in his heyday and had relationships with Romy Schneider and singer Dalida, among others. He had two of his children with the Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen, with whom he had a long relationship.

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