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Enzo Knol and his girlfriend Myron pulled over after driving ‘anti-socially fast’, vlogger thinks it’s unreasonable | show

known videoVlogger Enzo Knol (29) and his girlfriend Myron Knoops say they were recently pulled over and fined for speeding in their Porsche Panamera. They drove at least 40 kilometers per hour faster than allowed, says an agent in Knol’s new vlog. He calls that ‘antisocial’, Knol thinks the police action is unreasonable.

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Enzo, one of the biggest vloggers in the Netherlands with 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, is returning home after a birthday when he is stopped by the police. His girlfriend Myron is behind the wheel, because Enzo has been drinking. She tells it in his new vlog, which has been viewed 231,000 times since Wednesday and trends it’s on youtube Knol films and posts the entire incident.

Police have to drive 250 kilometers per hour to keep up with Myron and Knol, the officer said in the video. The official part indicates 170 kilometers per hour (160 after the correction), the only speed that the police have been able to measure. That’s 40 kilometers too fast, because the maximum speed allowed is 130. “That’s 261 euros,” says the agent about the fine. “And there are many possibilities that the Public Ministry will say: you have to take a course.”

The agent points out to Knol and Myron the accident in Frisian Jirnsum on Saturday, which killed four people and possibly also drove too fast. “I’m disappointed that a grown man is sitting next to him in his car, and you’re probably filming that too,” the officer says. “I don’t know, it doesn’t tend to be a bit of responsibility. That worries me deeply.”

‘Because I have a Porsche’

Knol believes it is unnecessary for the agent to include the fatal accident. ,, Because I have a Porsche, now you are going to leave it to us, ” he replies. It has nothing to do with the car, says the agent. He just wants to remind the couple of his responsibility. ,,So to everyone who stops and drives too fast, you’re going to say: ‘There have been deaths in Friesland, do you think that’s normal?’, replies Enzo.

The police also denounce Myron’s driving style. ,, Our impression is that he is still not very controllable at high speed. If something happens, the vehicle can be controlled”, says the officer. Knol believes the comment is unwarranted. “Driving… It’s 00:00 at night,” he replies. “She drives 170 where 130 is allowed, that’s not the craziest thing there is of course.” They hardly encountered other road users, the two say.

Enzo Knol and Myron Koops. © YouTube Enzo Knol

“With Porsche, 170 is not difficult”

Enzo and Myron say they understand they broke the law. But the agent’s words are exaggerated, they believe. The conversation is difficult from the beginning, because the agent thinks that Enzo should let him know that he is filming him, while Enzo says that he has not had a chance to do so. Knol also finds it strange that the officer wants to open his door, while he is already opening his window.

Knol, who previously filmed being pulled over by police, would be driving 170 again shortly. Because, according to him, that “is not difficult” with a Porsche. The risk of a fine is part of it for him and it would only be wrong if you did this in a residential area, he argues. With the cruise control at 130, the couple continues on their way home.

The police do not want to respond to the video “in relation to the traceability of people and in the context of privacy.” Driving too fast is of course dangerous, even at night. Therefore, glorifying it on social media can become a criminal offense in Belgium.

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