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Girlfriend who donated kidney to Selena Gomez angry because singer ‘won’t stop drinking’ | show

Francia Raisa (34), the good friend of Selena Gomez (30) who donated her kidney to the singer, is disappointed. The actress no longer wanted to talk to the singer, as she assures that she still drinks alcohol. Meanwhile, Selena’s fans harass her online.

Gomez suffers from a serious autoimmune disease called lupus. As a result, he experienced kidney failure and how i met your fatheractress Francia was kind enough to donate one of her healthy kidneys. Gomez made an emotional post about it on social media at the time, complete with a photo of her and Raisa at the hospital.

But today the two no longer speak, says El Cucuy, the father of Francia. He appeared on a Spanish talk show, About TMZ writes now, where he answered a pressing question: Why didn’t France appear in the new Selena documentary?

France would have faced Selena who still drinks alcohol, even though it’s very bad for her new kidney. She also goes directly against her doctor’s advice. So Raisa feels used because Gomez isn’t taking enough care of the organ she gave him. “One loses friends when there is love, money and fame involved,” El Cucuy shrugged. “I get it, my daughter didn’t donate her kidney so Selena can drink at parties. That is very ungrateful.”

Francia Raisa donated her kidney to Selena Gomez. ©Instagram

Francia no longer follows Selena on Instagram, but refuses to comment on the former friendship. Meanwhile, Gomez’s fans harass her online. The reactions are “very bad”, she admits TMZ know. “I think the one that hurt the most was ‘I hope someone rips your other kidney out a hole, bitch.'”

Although they are no longer in contact, Francia Raisa is sure that Selena Gomez would not tolerate this type of behavior. “She has a whole non-profit dedicated to mental health. The fact that she is being bullied now affects me mentally. You don’t want this for anyone. She (Selena, ed.) Literally says, ‘Please stop,’ so I don’t understand others getting attacked online too.”

hailey bieber

Gomez fans had previously targeted top model Hailey Bieber, the wife of singer Justin Bieber. That got so bad that the singer called on her 403 million Instagram followers at the end of March to stop all the misery. She had been in contact with Bieber, who said that she is now receiving death threats. Hailey thanked him and also said that she wanted to continue without the negativity.

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