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Linda de Mol was taken by ambulance after losing consciousness from pain: ‘She couldn’t stand on both feet’ | show

Presenter Linda de Mol (59) also broke her left ankle after her hand. She was taken away by ambulance last week after an unfortunate fall down an outside stairway, which also injured her right foot. ‘The question is can I go downstairs during the end of August? million dollar hunt.’

De Mol was visiting a former colleague on Wednesday night when he lost a ‘step’ on his way out. “I didn’t see it,” she says. your website. “The super sweet people from the ambulance took me to Hilversum, because I really went out for a while due to pain and couldn’t stand on both feet.”

The media star fell in his own words ‘very unhappy’. He recently also broke the metacarpal bone in his right hand after colliding hard into the corner of a wall when his two tethered dogs were walking in opposite directions.

“My broken right hand has barely healed, so walking on crutches isn’t convenient either,” he says now. Recovery will take a while, she hopes. ‘The question is can I go downstairs during the end of August? million dollar hunt.’ Normally, on his SBS 6 show, he descends from a rather long staircase, which then contains the so-called ‘suitcase champions’. At least not in heels. I don’t know what the universe wants to tell me: maybe I should rest?’

bright orange plaster

Those ‘responsible’ for his broken hand are the labrador puppies Molly and Loulou. They are the new loves in Linda’s life, who had to say goodbye to Labrador Beer last March. In 2019 her partner Teddy de ella (from the duo ‘Teddy en Beer’) passed away.

De Mol’s hand is probably no longer in the bright orange cast he received last month. She chose the color so she wouldn’t look out of place if she was still in a cast while filming. i love holland this month. After all, the decor of the show contains a lot of orange.

After one season and a New Year’s Eve special with Rob Kemps hosting due to Linda’s TV hiatus, it will soon return with the eighteenth series. As usual, team captain Jeroen van Koningsbrugge will join her, opposite him for the first time is Richard Groenendijk. She succeeds Leo Alkemade.

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