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Netflix arrives this week with 13 new episodes, including a new season of ‘Titans’

It’s another pretty big lineup that Netflix is ​​unveiling this week.

Below is the weekly roundup with the top three series highlighted, including a trailer.

It appears in: June 21
Gender: Documentary / Sports
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: In this docuseries about professional tennis players competing for the top, one shot can mean the difference between pain and exhilaration.

riverdale (season 7 – episode 12)

It appears in: June 22nd
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: As he discovers the difficulties of romance, school, and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in the dark mysteries of Riverdale.

It appears in: June 25th
Gender: Action / Adventure / Crime
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: Batman’s former sidekick, Dick Grayson, has gone his own way and finds himself with some troubled young heroes. They desperately need a mentor.

Other new series on Netflix

Below are the other series appearing on Netflix this week.

19th of June: vinland saga (season 2 – episode 24) – Animation/Action/Adventure – Thorfinn sets out on a quest to find his father’s killer to get revenge, duel and end his life in an effort to be an honorable warrior and honor his father.

June 21: Love is blind Brazil (Season 3 – Episode 9) – Reality TV / Romance – The dating experiment comes to Brazil, where local singles search for true love and get engaged, without first meeting the other person.

June 21: doctor cha (season 1 – episode 11-12) – Drama – Twenty years after leaving the world of medicine, a housewife returns to the profession. She must find her place in a job full of surprises.

June 22nd: let’s get divorced (Season 1) – Comedy/Drama/Romance – An actress and a politician would like to divorce. But with so many people interested in their marriage, the couple has to work hard to make it happen.

June 22nd: sleeping dogs (Season 1) – Crime/Drama/Mystery – A former detective now living on the streets searches for the truth after a new death casts doubt on a supposedly closed murder case.

June 22nd: skull island (Season 1) – Animation/Action/Adventure – The adventures of a shipwrecked couple stranded on a mysterious island inhabited by various prehistoric monsters. His master and lord: the iconic gorilla Kong.

June 23: catch killers (season 3) – Crime – In this true crime series, investigators of notorious serial killer cases reveal the gruesome and gruesome details of their extraordinary work.

June 24 and 25: king of the earth (season 1 – episode 3-4) – Comedy/Romance – During a tense battle over an inheritance, a charming heir falls out with his hard-working employee and her irresistible smile, which he can’t stand.

June 24 and 25: See you in my life number 19 (season 1 – episode 3-4) – Comedy/Fantasy/Romance – Ban Ji-eum can reincarnate infinitely. But when his 18th life is cut short, he dedicates the next to finding his childhood sweetheart, now an adult.

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