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Netflix series review ‘The Snow Girl’

Moving thriller about a missing girl and a journalist who just can’t forget her story.

Director: David Ulloa, Laura Alvea | Cast: Milena Smit (Miren), Jose Coronado (Eduardo), Tristán Ulloa (David), Aixa Villagrán (Inspector Millán), Loreto Mauleón (Ana), Cristian López (Samuel), Alejandro Vergara (Raúl), Jorge Porra (Cavalgata Agent) ea | Number of episodes: 6 | Time to play: 42-50 minutes| Year: 2023

With the Spanish thriller The Snow Girl Netflix seems to have a new hit on its hands. And rightly so, because the miniseries captivates with an exciting plot that takes place across different timelines, as well as a subplot that is at least as important as the central mystery surrounding the disappearance of a six-year-old girl.

The Snow Girl revolves around the search for the missing Amaya. Her parents lose her during the crowded festivities in Malaga, after which no one has any idea what could have happened to the girl. Her parents, the police and the journalist Miren do not give up and fight for years to find Amaya.

While it initially seems like Amaya is the main character, it’s actually about Miren. Because this young journalist has been through a lot, she decides to find Amaya and locate those responsible for her disappearance. Meanwhile, with increasingly detailed flashbacks, a full picture of what Miren has experienced is formed.

During her search for the missing girl, Miren also searches for answers about herself. Her story and Amaya’s seem to have all kinds of similarities, but in the end, nothing could be further from the truth. However, the subplot about Miren’s life is perhaps at least as important as the main story. Without her past, Miren would never have felt so motivated to find Amaya.

The story takes place in different timelines, namely the year of the disappearance, nine years later, ten years later, and the present. Fortunately, it is always very clearly indicated in which year the events shown take place, so that the viewer does not have to worry about this. This gives additional space to think about the exact circumstances of Amaya’s disappearance. The order in which the facts are shown creates tension, variety and understanding.

One small point of criticism is that little progress has been made in the ten years since Amaya’s disappearance. Both the police and Miren seem to have little work to do other than what comes their way, which isn’t very realistic. In addition, a large-scale search is not established after the disappearance of the girl, while that would be in line with expectations. But given the strong plot of the series, the filmmakers are forgiven for this.

It will be a disappointment for many viewers. The Snow Girl it’s a miniseries and probably won’t have a sequel. A series of this quality deserves a continuation. In addition, the ending is so open that it already arouses the viewer’s interest in how the main characters are doing. The ending even seems to hint at a new mystery to solve. A thrilling ending to an equally thrilling thriller.


The Snow Girl can be seen in Netflix.

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