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Director: Louis Leterrier | Script: Dan Mazeau, Gary Scott Thompson, Justin Lin | Cast: Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty), Tyrese Gibson (Shaw), Ludacris (Tej), Nathalie Emmanuel (Ramsey), Charlize Theron (Cipher), ea | Time to play: 141 minutes | Year: 2023

x fast he’s just as busy as history’s greatest villain has dropped a massive bomb on Rome. The exploding sphere, with enough blast power to deal a lot of damage, rolls through the streets for about twenty minutes, catching fire in the middle, going out, then calmly rumbling on. Dominic Toretto’s team (Vin Diesel with the familiar motor oil voice and intense look in his eyes), does everything they can to stop the bomb. As? With fancy cars, of course.

These scenes are effective in their simplicity (stopping a bomb), while the action defies all logic and the law of nature (a gigantic bomb rolls for twenty minutes and has to be stopped). They are also very typical of the movie. Welcome to the virtuous and absurd world of Fast and Furiouswhich is already in its tenth chapter.

All the boxes are carefully checked to meet the fans. Think about the importance of family (Dominic talks about nothing else), the same kind of club music that can be heard everywhere, girls in skimpy clothes, machos with pumped up muscles and optimized cars that go through the asphalt, leaving tracks. permanent in the process. .

It’s all wonderfully stupid and not to be taken seriously at all. But number ten in the Fast and FuriousThe series has one more component to push the already dazzling car-oil-smelling blockbuster into eleventh gear. Jason Momoa gets to indulge in being the big enemy. And he clearly has a lot of fun with it.

He is, somewhere in the distance, slightly reminiscent of a hippie version of Joker. The dark knight. Think unbuttoned shirt, rings on each finger, a long beard, a preference for sadism, a great sense of dark humor, and beautifully wrong one-liners. Gives the predictability and stupidity of x fast a slightly spicy flavor. Not that it makes it a masterpiece, but it’s like the creators want to go the extra mile.

It will be easy for the skeptics x fast as pointless and flat, full of contrived drama, a hollow script, and poor acting (with the exception of Brie Larson). For those who feel like kicking back in their theater seat and reveling in the sound of whirring engines or endlessly rolling bombs that could go off at any moment, this is the place to be. x fast perfect.

By the way, hold still for the extra scenes after the credits. Whether it really comes as a surprise remains to be seen, but fans are in any case expecting a promising cameo.

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