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Director: Numa Perrier | Script: Tia Williams, Leigh Davenport | Cast: Gabrielle Union (Jenna), Keith Powers (Eric), Gina Torres (Darcy), Aisha Hinds (Billie), La La Anthony (Elodie), DB Woodside (Brian), ea | Time to play: 99 minutes | Year: 2023

Netflix is ​​still the most welcome place for rom-coms from all sorts of countries, while the cinema mainly shows Dutch variants. All of them still stick to the standard setup, including that stick in the wheel where things go wrong and there’s still half an hour to figure it out. the perfect find he comes up with a very smooth way that forces the couple to consider getting back together. It ruins the cozy atmosphere that was there until then.

After a nasty and public breakup, fashion editor Jenna moves in with her parents. When her mother gets tired of this, she sends Jenna back to New York to restart her life. The only person she can turn to is the woman her ex left her for at the time, Darcy. But her magazine isn’t doing so well, and Jenna guarantees an improvement. She’s paired with Darcy’s son, and where the two can’t get along at first, they ultimately turn out to be a formula for success, romantically too, and Darcy can’t find out about it.

The start is quick, but the state of affairs is clear: Jenna’s ex never wanted to get married to avoid a messy divorce, apparently she’s famous because their breakup was all over the tabloids, and she’s getting over it well because she’s no longer living. she alone and she makes no effort to find work. It’s not bad if a scenario manages to convey a lot of information in the shortest possible time.

But soon things go too fast. Suddenly, Jenna is already painting her New York apartment as the movers carry her belongings inside of her. I have no idea what neighborhood but the house is big enough to see that this is expensive. So is she still filthy rich? She then goes to Darcy for a job interview. So all the other magazines turned it down?

Around that time, the movie also features fashion. Jenna herself is usually timeless in style, but some of the other characters have more of an extreme retro 1970s look. Very nice to watch, and literally gives the movie a burst of color. Only that’s in the second half of the perfect find Suddenly it disappeared.

Once Jenna gets to work and the obligatory plot to run afoul of the man she will later hook up with, it seems the perfect find good way. Not liking each other feels a bit forced, when they admit there’s a believable spark. As the young lover, Keith Powers can lean on lead actress Gabrielle Union, who already has nearly 100 roles to her name and has little effort to carry the film.

The cast consists of more impressive names, and they all visibly put more effort into their roles than they should. very soon more than she had a role in a series of Joss Whedon: Gina Torres out FireflyDB Woodside out buffy the vampire slayer and Aisha Hinds Doll’s House. Torres in particular impresses as the head of the magazine: she’s mean, domineering and intimidating, a concerned mother and indulgent: different traits, but she makes it a believable whole.

Less logical is the way in which Jenna and her young lover are ultimately caught by her mother: she’s a Rom-kom, so unsurprisingly this is inevitable. It looks like a moment from a Dutch script, it makes you wonder if the characters wanted to get sucked in with all their might.

But then comes the twist that causes the couple to break up. There has to be something that gives at least hope that they will pick up the thread. The solution you make up takes all the joy out of it. Too dramatic, too compelling. Therefore, the last half hour will be a long session.

In some ways, it’s understandable that the creators of these kinds of movies would rather go for predictable levity than try something new, because that increases the risk that something won’t work. Therefore, it is commendable that the creators of the perfect find think of something less obvious, but it causes this unwanted effect. The heels just don’t cross the ditch because of this weird jump in the last round.

the perfect find can be seen in Netflix.

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