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strong list full of new movies and series

It’s almost summer, and then there are only reasons to go out. However, this list of new June 2023 movies, series and documentaries on Netflix will keep us in for a while. And then of course we start with black mirror 6 of sections

Disney+ has made June 2023 the best month of the year with these delicious titles. Netflix takes it a step further.

New on Netflix June 2023

black mirror Season 6 already makes the month a success, but there are still more to come Extraction 2, Tour de France: Unchained, our planet II and many more great movies, series and documentaries. We highlight a few, to see the full list, scroll down.

Tour de France: Unchained

This documentary series is based on Formula 1: drive to survive, which has attracted millions of new Formula 1 fans around the world. No doubt this will also happen with cycling. In Tour de France: Unchained you get an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the world’s greatest cycling classic.

Tour de France: Unchained is from June 8, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.

our planet II

The second season of the phenomenal nature documentary Our Plant is coming up. You get another load full of surprises from nature that show how beautiful the world is. David Attenborough remains the narrator, who, in addition to the natural beauty, also emphasizes that we really have to start saving nature now.

our planet II It will stream on Netflix starting June 14, 2023.

black mirror season 6

The brilliant dystopian series Black Mirror shows in a beautiful and somewhat dark way what technology and artificial intelligence do to humans. The stories float between tomorrow’s reality and science fiction. Each episode tells a different story and some sci-fi from previous seasons of black mirror they have already been overcome by reality. Salma Hayek and Aaron Paul will appear in episodes next season, among others.

black mirror season 6 is from June 15, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.

Extraction 2

Easy fun, lots of action and Chris Hemsworth. Then the plot no longer matters. Anyway, here’s a synopsis. Near death, Tyler Rake takes on another dangerous mission: rescue an imprisoned family from a ruthless mobster.

Extraction 2 is from June 16, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.

All new movies, series and documentaries.

As stated, there is much more than black mirror 6 in Extraction 2. See the full list below. Netflix provides the Dutch data in American order. So starting with the month, followed by the day.

Netflix original series in June 2023

ON 6/1/23
Manifesto: Season 4 Part 2 2/6/23
scoop 6/2/23
Valeria: Season 3 2/6/23
Love Is Blind: Brazil: Season 3 7/6/23
Barracuda Queens 6/5/23
Never Me: Seizoen 4 8/6/23
Hounds 9/6/23
Human Resources: Season 2 9/6/23
Tex-Mex Motors 9/6/23
Surrogacy 06/14/23
Black Mirror: Season 6 06/15/23
Glamorous 06/22/23
Let’s get divorced 06/22/23
Skull Island 06/22/23
Sleeping Dog 06/22/23
Titans: Season 4 6/25/23
The Witcher: Seizoen 3 Volume 1 6/29/23
Is it cake too? 06/30/23

Netflix original movies in 2023

A beautiful life 1/6/23
Lost connections 6/2/23
Rich in love 2 6/2/23
The Wonderful Weeks 9/6/23
You do it 9/6/23
Extraction 2 6/16/23
iNumber: Jozi Gold 6/23/23
Make me believe 06/23/23
The perfect find 06/23/23
Through my window: across the sea 6/23/23
Nimona 06/30/23

Netflix Original Documentaries June 2032

arnold 6/7/23
Tour de France: Triggered 8/6/23
The Card Killer 9/6/23
Our Planet II 6/14/23
Take care of Maya 06/19/23
Breaking Point: Part 2 06/21/23
Catching Killers: Season 3 6/23/23
King of Clones 06/23/23
Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate 6/28/23
Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized History of American Gladiators 6/28/23

Netflix Comedy Specials in June 2023

85 South: Legends of the Ghetto 06/20/23
Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact 06/13/23

Netflix Kids and Family in June 2023

My Little Pony: Leave Your Mark: Chapter 4 6/6/23
Not Quite Narwhal 06/19/23

Netflix anime in June 2023

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King 6/16/23
Ōoku: The inner chambers 6/29/2023

Titles purchased in June 2023

Father’s Day: Season 1 1/6/2023
Father’s Day: Season 2 06/01/2023
The Addams Family 1/6/2023
The farm 2/6/2023
The Offering 06/16/2023

Read and see more about season 6 here black mirror.

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On Netflix in June 2023: strong list full of new movies and series

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