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impressive list full of new movies and series

April 2023 does what it wants, and on Netflix that means a slate packed with new documentaries, movies, and series. We are looking forward to the acclaimed war series. war sailor.

In total, more than sixty new documentaries, films and series will appear on the streaming service in the Netherlands and Belgium next month. Let that spring weather wait a little longer.

New on Netflix April 2023

it’s not big usual suspects next month, but promising pearls that will rise from the bottom as new hits. We put a number of new movies and series in the spotlight. Scroll below for the full description.

war sailor

as indicated war sailor at the top of our watch list. This new war series, which is also a movie and an Oscar entry, is set during World War II. You will immerse yourself in the story of Alfred, a father of three children who works as a laborer on a merchant ship, together with his childhood friend. Their harsh but tolerant lives change when they find themselves in the middle of the front lines, fighting unarmed in a war they never asked for. German submarines target your ship. Read more about the series being praised here.

war sailor is from April 2, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.


Another promising series is BEEF. A case of road rage between two strangers, an unsuccessful contractor and a disgruntled businessman, leads to a dispute that brings out the worst in them.

BEEF is from April 6, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.


While visiting his family, Alex befriends a mythical creature hiding out on his grandfather’s ranch. To save the chupacabra, Alex and his cousins ​​must embark on the adventure of his life.

Bottle is from April 7, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

Archival footage, chilling re-enactments and exclusive interviews shed new light on a tragedy and two brothers who kept a city in the grip of fear. The documentary is about the attacks during the Boston Marathon, which took place on April 15, 2013.

american manhunt the boston marathon bombing april 2023 netflix new documentary

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing is from April 12, 2023 to broadcast on Netflix.

All new documentaries, movies and series.

The full roundup of new movies, series, documentaries, and purchased titles coming to Netflix in April 2023.

Netflix original series in April 2023

War Sailor 2/4/23
The signature 4/4/23
BEEF 4/6/23
Transatlantic 7/4/23
Thicker Than Water 4/7/23
Shin Divorce Lawyer 4/8/23
Mother-in-law: Season 2 12/4/23
Florida Male 4/13/23
Obsession 4/13/23
Queenmaker 4/14/23
Tooth Pari: When Love Bites 4/20/23
The Diplomat 4/20/23
Diamonds in the Rough 4/21/23
Indian Matchmaking: Season 3 04/21/23
Working Moms: Season 7 04/26/23
Love after music 4/26/23
Firefly Lane: Season 2 Part 2 04/27/23
The Nurse 4/27/23
Greedy: Season 2 04/27/23
King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch 4/28/23
Club of Ex-Addicts DATE TO FOLLOW
Welcome to Eden: season DATE TO FOLLOW

Netflix Original Movies April 2023

Erosion 4/1/23
Hungry 4/8/23
Bottle 4/7/23
Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign 7/4/23
Oh Belinda 4/7/23
Operation: Nation 12/4/23
Queens on the Run 4/14/23
The seven kings must die 4/14/23
Phenomena 4/14/23
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always 4/19/23
Strangling 4/21/23
Love Tour Guide 4/21/23
Once again 4/21/23
Kiss Kiss! 4/26/23
Good weekend 04/27/23
The Matchmaker 4/27/23
Also known as 4/28/23

Netflix Original Documentaries April 2023

Lewis Capaldi: How I feel now 4/5/23
American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing 4/12/23
How to Get Rich 4/18/23
Third longest appointment 4/18/23
Chimpanzee Empire 4/19/23

Netflix Comedy Specials in April 2023

My name is Mo’Nique 4/4/23
Leanne Morgan: I am all women 11/4/23
CELESTE BARBER Good thanks 4/12/23
John Mulaney: Baby J 04/25/23

Titles purchased in April 2023

Noah 4/1/23
A matter of patience 4/7/23
The King Woman 4/13/23
Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Episode 13 4/15/23
Made in Chelsea: Season 19 15/4/23
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 8 4/15/23
Good weekend 04/27/23

Netflix Kids and Family in April 2023

Eater: take 8 4/10/23
The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib: Season 2 4/13/23
Oggy Oggy: Season 2 4/17/23
Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 4 04/22/23
Shark Dog: Season 3 04/27/23

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On Netflix in April 2023: impressive list full of new movies and series

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