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Apple follows The Last of Us with a video game movie full of intrigue

Tetris is an iconic video game, which remains as relevant as it is addictive for decades. A new Apple movie brings to life the intriguing story behind the video game. A story that is more exciting than you might expect.

van assassin’s Creed in Hitman: Agent 47 until resident Evil: Hollywood rarely hits the mark when it comes to video game adaptations. The last of us it’s a rare example of an adaptation that understands what made the game in question so great. A gem, in a mountain of misfires.

The absurd story behind Tetris

In early April, Mario will even get his own animated movie. The first trailers already promised many good things. Apple also dares this year to immerse itself in the history of video games. Literally, even: Instead of filming the story of a game itself, the tech giant presents the story behind perhaps the most iconic game of all time: Tetris.

No, this is not going to be a dusty documentary about a programmer in an attic. Far from! The first trailer for tetris reminds you how incredibly intriguing the story behind the classic puzzle is. Even the KGB gets involved.

kingStar Taron Egerton stars as Henk Rogers, a businessman who discovered Tetris in the 1980s and was instrumental in obtaining the rights to the video game. The game ended up on the Game Boy, Nintendo’s revolutionary handheld computer at the time. However, a fascinating battle preceded that.

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espionage and intrigue

In fact, the game was conceived and developed by Aleksej Pazjitnov, a Russian who at the time was working at the Computer Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. However, Rogers, Egerton’s character, had to negotiate not with Pazjitnov, but directly with the Soviet regime. Communist law stipulated that Tetris was not owned by the developer, but by the people. Communism.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride of Cold War suspense, including espionage and a role for the KGB. So no, this isn’t going to be some dusty documentary or forced video game movie. On the contrary: the true story behind Tetris is almost unbelievably exciting. Hopefully Jon S. Baird, the director behind this Original Apple TV+, can tie it all together in a compelling way.

Tetris Apple TV+ Movie Trailer
? (Image: apple)

March 31 on Apple TV+

We will know on March 31. From then on, Tetris can be seen directly on Apple TV +, the technology giant’s streaming service. In the meantime, or if the movie turns out to be a disappointment, you can also check out Game Over, a fantastic book chronicling the rise of Nintendo. Recommended! Or stream these up-and-coming movies and shows on Apple TV+ right now.

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Apple follows The Last of Us with a video game movie full of intrigue

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