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Super Mario Bros. Movie makes history with dubious record

The Super Mario Bros. movie is by far the biggest movie of 2023, but that success also brings a dubious record on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pixar elevates the animated film to an art form, where Illumination mainly offers animated films that are a little more geared towards children. Nintendo won’t care if they don’t offer innovative work. It is, after all, the studio behind The minions, the colorful franchise that keeps printing money. Illumination’s lucrative animation wizardry isn’t limited to those pesky little yellow men, though.

The Super Mario Bros. movie

The Super Mario Bros. movie is indeed the biggest movie of 2023, if you go to the box office aspect. The film has grossed a whopping $1.239 billion worldwide. In second place is the Chinese action movie. Mn Jiang Hongwith $674 million, followed by guardians of the galaxy vol. 3, with $660 million. In fact, the Mario adaptation is the third greatest animated film of all time. Nintendo just has to put up with the two Frozen movies.

Dodgy Record at Rotten Tomatoes

Or Mario and company. staying on that throne doesn’t really matter anymore: the adaptation is clearly a monster hit, and thus undoubtedly the start of a series of Nintendo animated movies. After all, the Japanese company still has decades of iconic games and characters to draw from.

However, the film record gives them another dubious record. It is not a record that is limited to 2023, but that covers all films, always. The Super Mario Bros. movie is officially the biggest movie on Rotten Tomatoes by a Rotten score. In other words: the highest-grossing film of any Rotten-scored film.

audience vs critics

The Super Mario Bros. movie It is a totally commercial product. Where do you legitimately see Pixar work? ‘art’ you might call, the Nintendo movie is mostly mindless entertainment. A shallow roller coaster full of nostalgia. Entertaining, but also horrible sure and anything but deep. There was more, is the clear consensus. That does not mean that the film is worth seeing: it scores among the public The Super Mario Bros. movie a solid 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Visitors clearly have a good moment.

Critics are less enthusiastic about the movie: As of this writing, the animated film has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 59 percent after 261 reviews. In other words: except for one percent, the movie is almost Fresh. It’s just that little hole that does that. The Super Mario Bros. movie you can write a dubious record in your name. The biggest Rotten movie on Rotten Tomatoes. The most lucrative but mediocre movie of all time, arguably. Let’s hope the inevitable consequences raise the bar a bit. Raising money with nostalgia and delivering a good movie, that should be possible, right? ???? In the meantime, check out these seven brilliant details in the Super Mario Bros. Movie you missed.

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Super Mario Bros. The film writes the history of cinema with a dubious record

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