The 5 Best Movies Coming to Netflix This Year

Netflix has gifted its subscribers with a lot of good movies again this year. From action to animation: The streaming service released something for everyone. Today, on the last day of the year, FilmTotal has listed the top five movies to appear on Netflix in 2022.

First of all, the beautiful stop-motion film Pinocchio: Craft of the great director Guillermo del Toro (The Pan’s Labyrinth). This animated print is less uplifting than the Disney version, and therefore more faithful to the original book in some ways. In short, a great viewing experience.

From pleasure to misery
Netflix also marked this year with The Adam Project: a great science fiction movie for the whole family. Ryan Reynolds does exactly what he does best, and young actor Walker Scobell turns out to be a real find.

A film of a completely different order is Im Westen Nichts Neues. This new film adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s well-known book is praised mainly because the filmmakers do not shy away from the ugliness of war. A very strong and impressive film.

new franchises
The gray man, directed and produced by Avengers Endgamethe duo Joe and Anthony Russo, was a huge hit on the platform earlier this year. The streaming service sees a new action movie franchise and quickly greenlit a sequel and spin-off.

Another franchise that Netflix has gotten their hands on is Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. Last week, Glass Onion came out – a strong and exciting new murder mystery. Director and star Daniel Craig is guaranteed to return for Knives Out 3, but more is not excluded given the success.

The 5 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in 2022

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro (2022)

Director: Guillermo del Toro in Mark Gustafson | To emit: Gregory Mann, Ewan McGregor, Ron Perlman, | look straight

After World War I, the lonely Geppetto, who has lost his only son, carves a new companion out of wood. A touch of magic brings this doll to life. Geppetto gives him the name Pinocchio. Soon Pinocchio causes trouble, because he is quite mischievous. The child struggles to find the true meaning of life.

The Adam Project (2022)

Director: Shawn Levi | To emit: Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell, Zoe Saldana, ea | look straight

Adam Reed, a time-traveling fighter pilot, crashes and finds himself in the year 2022. There he meets the twelve-year-old version of himself. Along with his younger self, Adam sets out on a mission to save the future. This is endangered by an acquaintance of Adam.

nothing new in the west (2022)

Director: Edward Berger | To emit: Felix Kammerer, Albert Schuch, Aaron Hilmer, etc. look straight

During World War I, seventeen-year-old Paul voluntarily enlists in the German army with his friends Albert and Muller. They are sent to the Western Front, but his enthusiasm soon gives way to the harsh reality of life in the trenches. Paul has to adjust his ideas about the enemy and the whole conflict. However, he has no choice but to fight to the end.

the gray man (2022)

Director: Joe and Anthony Russo | To emit: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, ea | look straight

Courty Gentry is recruited from prison by the CIA. She turns out to be a gifted sniper and is used to carry out a series of deadly tasks. However, she is thwarted by one Lloyd Hansen, an unpredictable loner. Fortunately, Dani Miranda, also an agent, is there to help.

Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

Director: Rian Johnson | To emit: Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, ea | look straight

Tech billionaire Miles Bron invites his colorful group of friends to his Greek island every year. This year they are playing a murder game. Detective Benoit Blanc also receives an invitation, but not from the host. Still, he stays and that’s a good thing, because when someone turns up dead, only he can peel away all the layers of intrigue that comes with it.

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