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The controversial French-Polish director Roman Polanksi (89) posed for a French magazine with the woman he raped in 1977, when he was barely 13 years old. His wife Emmanuelle Seigner (56) shares a snapshot on Instagram. She thanks the victim.

The facts date back to 1977. Roman Polanski raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. At the time, the director confessed to drugging the girl, sexually forcing her, and pleaded guilty in Los Angeles. He fled the country before a verdict could be handed down. She has since lived in France, Switzerland and Poland and refuses to return to the United States. He cannot be extradited from France.

But today, some 46 years later, it appears that Samantha, now in her 60s, has forgiven him for his actions. On Instagram, Polanski’s current wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, shares a photo of Samantha posing with Roman as she laughs. It is not known when exactly she took the snapshot. But the photo was shared after Emmanuelle and Samantha’s double interview with the French magazine. Point.

Samantha Geimer says in this conversation, among other things, that she believes that “Polanski has paid his debt to society” and that she did not find her meeting with Polanski in 1977 problematic. Let’s be clear, what happened to Polanski, was never a big deal. problem for me.” She regrets that this has dragged on for so long as a scandal, something Geimer has stated publicly on several occasions. According to her, her rape does not define her and she believes that she should not haunt Polanski forever. “It’s a burden to have to constantly repeat that it was nothing.”

multiple accusations

Director Polanski, who won an Oscar with, among other things, The pianist, remains controversial. Three years ago, when he received the César – the most important award in French cinema – for best director in Paris for his film I accuse, several women left the room in protest. Because the photographer and former model Valentine Monnier also claims to have been abused by Polanski. That would have happened in 1975 at the director’s chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. The woman claimed that Polanski was extremely violent. Other women also accuse the director of sexual abuse in his teens. The filmmaker denies all the accusations.

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