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The new James Bond adventure is full of ‘sex, violence and King Charles’

The new James Bond was released earlier this month. The new mission of 007 is not a movie, but an acclaimed book. The writer promises violence, a colorful villain, and plenty of action.

The next James Bond movie is still waiting. The franchise’s casting chief says they haven’t started a search for a successor to Daniel Craig yet. In it betting shops they don’t believe anything about it and the speculation has been going on for two years. In any case, the conclusion is clear: the next Bond will not kick in until sometime in 2025 at the earliest.

The next James Bond

Fortunately, there is a remarkable sweetener for fans. The franchise, of course, started with the books by Ian Fleming, a former spy. came in 1953 Royal Casino outside, the start of what would eventually become a mega-franchise. Fleming died in 1964, but official James Bond books are still published. Those by the prolific writer Anthony Horowitz are particularly worth seeing, especially his death triggerof 2015.

Bond’s first adventure after no time to die It is not, then, a movie, but an amazing book. 007 is back on a mission for the first time since the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Seven decades of Bond adventures and the coronation of King Charles are celebrated with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. A new Bond book that even takes place during that event and was therefore written in a very short time.

koning charles

The book came out in England earlier this month and is written by Charlie Higson. He previously wrote the young linkseries, a series of children’s books. With, as the name suggests, a younger 007. His latest work is aimed at adults.

In any case, the synopsis makes it funny and exciting: “It is May 4, two days before the coronation of King Carlos III, and James Bond is called in at the last minute to thwart an attempt to interrupt the coronation. Rich, eccentric and self-proclaimed Athelstan of Wessex is on a deadly mission to teach the UK a lesson. Can Bond dismantle his dark plans and defeat his mercenary squad?’

Violence, sex and bond

Nice detail: the royalties of the book will go to charity, the National Literacy Trust in England. The author of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service knows how to sell his new venture with sheu. He’s clearly made good use of not writing for kids anymore, as the 64-year-old Brit promises “sex, violence, cars, a colorful villain with a vile accomplice and, of course, Bond himself.”

“Since I started young linkthe books worked, I was already thinking of writing an adult Bond adventure, so he flew out of me with both fists in the air. I had to do my best to keep up with him and put his story in writing. Fleming wrote fast, and so did I. channel that energy. It’s great to finally step into the adult world of Bond,” Higson said.

On His Majesty’s Secret Service reviews

All of that sounds good, and so is the new Bond adventure according to the press. MI6 headquarters is very pleased with the book: “It’s deceptively hard to avoid the high pitch of insider information and tiredness worldview which are the hallmarks of good Bond writing, especially in a novel set in the modern era. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service It’s a true classic Bond, but a much richer book than a work so quickly commissioned should be.”

also the blog license to queer is extremely positive: “I think it’s very likely that we’ll be reading—and rereading—this suave, sophisticated, carefully plotted Bond book for years to come.” Higson also receives a lot of praise on the books platform, with a solid score of 3.58 after 90 reviews. With 176 pages and an exciting plot, it seems to be the ideal snack for James Bond fans who can’t wait for the next movie. You can On Her Majesty’s Secret Service buy here.

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The new James Bond adventure is full of ‘sex, violence and King Charles’

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