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The Only Tips From The Netflix Series How To Get Rich To Remember

Forget the limitations of a budget: you can learn this from the Netflix series how to get rich. Because no, even with a small wallet you don’t feel like just restrictions. New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi has a solution for that. Free spending, without feelings of guilt. Ready for?

It’s not another budget plan that you have to dig into the past. With this conscious spending plan it is time to look to the future. No more wasting time reviewing all your expenses, but a clear overview in which you can also breathe easy. And from time to time make an impulse purchase.

tip on How to Get Rich: Spend Consciously

The plan consists of four categories, which are tied to a percentage of your income. So no endless excel sheet. To give you an idea of ​​what a plan of this type is like, we assume an average income of around 40,000 euros gross per year. The plan assumes a take-home pay. We calculate with a monthly net salary of approximately 2600 euros.

1. Fixed costs (50 – 60 percent)

Not fun, but unavoidable. Fixed costs. Do you strive for a rich existence? So it’s good to spend about half of your take-home pay on fixed costs. With an average salary you can assume about 1300 euros. In addition to your rent and insurance and groceries, don’t forget to include your phone and internet subscription in your fixed costs.

2. Investment (10 percent)

Another bucket of money that you won’t experience the benefits of right away, but will thank you for later. Invest about 10 percent of your take-home pay. If you haven’t thrown your vacation money over the bar this year yet, then that’s also a good start to start your investments.

3. Savings (5 – 10 percent)

In addition to investing, the traditional piggy bank is also important. Of course you’ll want to have a safe shock on hand to absorb unexpected shocks. Ask your Sethi the question’How to get rich?‘, then your motto is to save about 5 to 10 percent of your net income. In our modal budget plan we assume a savings of 10 percent. That equates to about 260 euros per month.

4. No-fault expenses (20 – 35 percent)

Then the most beautiful category and perhaps the most important. That is, your free expenses, which you can spend without feeling guilty. Think clothes, dinners, going out – 20 to 35 percent of your budget can be spent on this. While many people with a budget plan look primarily at much-needed costs, you’ve covered all of those costs with this plan in the other three categories.

Build a mattress for the future, invest and your fixed costs are covered. That leaves, in this example, 20 percent of your net income to spend on fun things. So you can calmly have a cup of coffee on the go, without ruining your entire budget plan. Sounds good right?

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The Only Tips From The Netflix Series How To Get Rich To Remember

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