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The Walking Dead is back with a terrifying new zombie

Check out the first trailer for dead citythe most ambitious spin-off of The Walking Dead until now.

Last year, episode 177 of The Walking Dead broadcast in the United States, with which the long-running zombie series finally came to an end after just over twelve years. Finally, yes, because the series unfortunately alternated sporadic highlights with many weaker seasons. Also, it was one of those typical series that you hardly dare to start anymore: 177 episodes drunkenness it’s a big one commitment, especially with the prior knowledge that not all seasons are equally strong. And, above all, if at some point, when the series has just started, you have already seen a piece.

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Fortunately, there are many alternatives for those interested. Within the universe of The Walking Dead many other stories are told. At the time of writing, more than six spin-offs of the hit series are already available or in development. If necessary, check the main show through the original comics and join you from the beginning The Walking Dead: Dead City in.

That’s immediately the most interesting spin-off to date. Unlike for example fear of the walking dead has dead city Regular protagonists of the show as the faces of the series. We are talking about Maggie and Negan, played by Laura Cohen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The show continues its mission to and in New York. Maggie enlists Negan to help her find her son Hershel after he was kidnapped. The series will also feature Željko Ivanek as The Croat, the mysterious man who took Hershel with him.

awful trailer

We’ve known for a while that this spin-off is coming, but now we also have a full first trailer in our hands. AMC makes it clear right away dead city is just as ambitious as the regular series: the trailer reveals a devastated and abandoned New York. We also get a first taste of a terrifying Walker, consisting of hideously combined body parts. Throw in a clue to Negan and The Croat’s past, and it immediately makes us very curious.

More spin-offs!

Fortunately, we don’t have to be patient for long: The Walking Dead: Dead City It will start on June 18. That’s just the beginning: cast members have already hinted at a second season, though AMC doesn’t want to reveal anything about it just yet. We already know that Negan and Maggie aren’t the only duo to have their own spin-off. In 2024, Rick and Michonne return in a new series. Add to that an already announced spin-off with Daryl Dixon heading to France later this year, and fans of The Walking Dead won’t be bored. These aren’t weak, irrelevant spin-offs: the biggest faces of The Walking Dead they are alive and kicking!

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The Walking Dead is back with a terrifying new zombie

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