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Review: Rachel Weisz convinces in Dead Ringers as twins, each sister terrifying in her own way | show

four starsPlaying identical twins is a wonderful challenge for actors. Jeremy Irons starred alongside him in the classic Dead Ringers (1988) by director David Cronenberg. He completely convinced as two gynecologists who shamelessly abused their similarities. They even took turns in love affairs.

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Rachel Weisz now plays the female version of the same roles in a six-part TV version of Dead Ringers with different accents from screenwriter Alice Birch, who previously wrote the critically acclaimed TV drama Normal People (2020).

The gynecologists are now Eliott and Beverly Mantle. They work in the maternity ward of a large New York hospital, where they alternate constantly without the patients noticing. But just like Irons in 1988, Weisz also changes partners when they’re twins. Only with a difference. The domineering Eliott likes men, while the shy Beverly likes women. But that matters little. Well, if there is jealousy, because how lucky is half of the twins with their image?

Weisz gives the viewer a guide to keeping the duo apart by giving their twins a different haircut. Beverly wears her hair in a bun, while her sister usually leaves it down.

But that difference doesn’t alter the fact that the twins sometimes switch roles, which only adds to the intended audience confusion.

An important plot line in this Dead Ringers is the great ambition of the two to establish a futuristic medical center to make giving birth as pleasant and comfortable as possible for women. However, an incidental factor is that the funders of your project seem to have different motives than the sisters.

Gradually, Beverly and Eliott’s differences in character begin to unravel. Which of the two is stronger? Can one live without the other? These are questions that make this series exceptionally compelling to the very end.

And how is Weisz doing? She is completely convincing in both performances. The two sisters are each terrifying in her own way. One is straightforward, the other looks like calm water with deep bottoms. But how reliable are they? Also against each other?

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