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The Witcher writer delivers the final blow to the Netflix series

After the departure of Henry Cavill The Wizard not too good for that. Even the writer of the original books isn’t exactly a big fan, as recent statements from the fantasy author show.

Man man man are we still cheering in 2019 than Netflix with The Wizard You finally have an explosion of fantasy on your hands, barely three years later we are facing a sinking ship. At least, that’s how it feels sometimes, if you keep an eye on the news surrounding the franchise.

Origin of blood in Henry Cavill

Came late last year origin of blood out, a prequel series set thousands of years before the regular show. The approach was ambitious and intriguing, the final product was not. The critics were merciless, and the fans also seemed to ignore the prequel in droves.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill has left after alleged disagreements over the creative direction van The Wizard, as they always call it in Hollywood. Thor’s little brother is already set to replace him, much to the dismay of fans. Sure, Netflix has one more season of Cavill in the works, but we can’t get too excited about the prospect.

We are not unique in that. In fact, the author who started all this isn’t too happy with the Netflix adaptation either. So of course we are talking about Andrzej Sapkowski. The Polish fantasy writer started the mega-franchise in 1990, with a collection of short stories about it. The witchesas the franchise is called wonderfully knullig in Dutch.

Liam Hemsworth The Witcher
Liam Hemsworth (Image: VALERIA MACON / AFP)

Andrzej Sapkowski on the Netflix series

Now it has to be said that Sapkowski is not known as a… complementary person. The Polish writer, for example, is also anything but happy with the games: “How much content can there be in the text lines when the hero walks through the forest and talks to a squirrel? Where can literature be found then? Where is the room for the depth or sophistication that games can use to elevate culture? there isn’t.

Back to the series. Sapkowski was recently invited to the Taipei International Book Expo, a fair for booksellers, among others. There they asked him his opinion about the Netflix adaptation of his books, and his answer is not the review that the big shots of the streaming service expect:

Game of Thrones in The Lord of the Rings

“I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse,” the fantasy writer said. Oh. After the news surrounding Henry Cavill and the disappointing spin-off, such a revealing and tepid review from the writer behind his franchise isn’t exactly good news for Netflix. dragon house partly got the opportunity from the fans because George RR Martin was so involved. amazon could the rings of power obviously not collaborating with JRR Tolkien, but his estate he gave them his blessing. So Sapkowski’s indifference forms quite a contrast.

Sure, The Wizard season 3 can still make an impression despite smaller budgets than competing fantasy exploits. But then again: After that season, Netflix has to do without Cavill. Future outrage and disappointment among fans will hang over the streaming service for years to come, until the release of season 4. Or worse, the same indifference that speaks to the writer’s words. Mortal.


On the other hand: after the last seasons of game of Thrones the same was said of that franchise, and now look at the world of George RR Martin, with many spin-offs to come and the hype around dragon house. Able to The Wizard change course in a similar way? We will know next summer. Then the next season of the Netflix original will be released.

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The Witcher writer delivers the final blow to the Netflix series

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