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TV star who approaches British celebrities is now discredited: ‘He offered thousands of euros for sex videos’ | show

Journalist Dan Wootton (40), a prominent reporter in England who often measures up celebrities, is now charged with misconduct. He allegedly offered his colleagues tens of thousands of euros for sex videos under a fake name. The companies behind Sun in daily mail investigate the complaints.

New Zealander Wootton has been one of England’s best-known journalists for many years, especially since he was tabloid chief. Sun. Today he is a columnist. daily mail and acts as the face of the conservative channel GB News against the culture of awakening. She recently unpacked the news about Phil Schofield, the presenter of the British Coffee time who lied about an affair.

Now Wootton, three times named entertainment journalist of the year, is in the news. He allegedly approached numerous men between 2008 and 2018 while posing as a “show business agent” under the assumed name of Martin Branning. He offered money of up to 30,000 pounds (more than 34,000 euros) for photos and videos of them performing sexual acts, the newspaper reports. author times after three years of research.

A former boyfriend of Wootton’s recently testified that he had found emails from ‘Branning’ on the journalist’s computer. Wootton would have confirmed to a former colleague that he is behind the alias, according to author timeswhich lists several alleged victims. The Guardian He spoke to seven people in the past few years who say ‘Branning’ reached out to them. The messages were reportedly addressed personally to the recipients, who were mostly straight men.

The parent company of SunRupert Murdochs News UK, according to The Guardian outside lawyers were hired to investigate the case. The company called the allegations against the employees “very serious.” Also the company behind daily mail He says he will investigate the allegations. Wootton, meanwhile, will continue to be seen on GB News, where he responded to the story in a six-minute statement on Wednesday.

‘learned from it’

He denied doing anything criminal, but said he had made “incorrect estimates” in the past. “Who doesn’t regret things? Will they have to cancel me for that years later, or will they accept that I learned from it and changed?” she said. Wootton did not speak about using a false name.

According to the presenter, there is a “witch hunt” of people who have a bone in line with him and who want to take his channel off the air, because it would be the “greatest threat in decades” to the established order.

‘Wootton harasses me’

Police are currently investigating whether criminal offenses have been committed, a spokesman said. bbc news. The case has also been circulating on social networks for days, where a tweet by singer Lily Allen received more than 100,000 likes. She believes Wootton has always “bullied” her as a journalist, just as colleagues of hers such as Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse and Caroline Flack have also been bullied by the press. All three women died young.

It is the third media scandal in England in a short time, following the news about Phil Schofield and BBC front man Huw Edwards. The latter is said to have paid tens of thousands of pounds for explicit images of a minor.

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