6 Japanese films banned in Indonesia are too sadistic

Japan a country known for producing unique films. However, we cannot see them all because there are many of them. japanese movie banned from broadcasting in Indonesia.

This is no accident, because some of these films have a lot of sadistic scenes. As a result, these films were banned from showing in a number of countries, including Indonesia.

If you’re interested in Japanese movies that are banned, take a look at the following list compiled from various sources.

1. Audition (1999)

The Audition is a film that tells the story of a middle-aged businessman named Shigeharu Aoyama who is grieving the loss of his wife.

Sadistic scenes in genre films thriller it was considered too gruesome, so it was banned from airing in Indonesia.

2. Royal battle (2000)

Royal Rumble (2000)
Japanese movies that are banned in Indonesia, one of which is Battle Royale (Photo: Toho Company via Imdb)

Dealing with school violence, Battle Royale was one of the films banned from showing in Indonesia. This film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Takami Koushun.

The film, also known as Kinji Fuasaku, tells the story of a group of ninth-grade high school students in Japan. They were forced to commit violence and kill each other.

3. Imperial tomato ketchup (1996)

“Imperial Tomato Ketchup” is a film about the country of Japan, which is ruled by children. There are a number of reasons why this film cannot be shown in Indonesia.

Not only does this black-and-white film contain many nude scenes, but it was also uncensored due to its many horrific sadistic scenes.

4 Guinea Pig: Fresh Flowers and Blood (1985)

The next Japanese film banned in Indonesia is Guniea Pig: Flower Fresh and Blood. This film was banned because it was considered too sadistic and scary.

Guinea Pig: Flower Freshness and Blood tells the story of a serial killer who targets a girl. He intends to make flowers from the girl’s flesh and blood.

5. Grotesque (2009)

Grotesque (2009)
Japanese films that are banned in Indonesia, one of which is “Grotesque” (Photo: Ace Deuce Entertainment via Imdb)

This film, titled “Grotesque”, featuring scenes of horror and torture, was banned in Indonesia. This is because the film, released in 2009, is considered very sadistic.

Grotesque tells the story of a psychopathic doctor who kidnaps two lovers and tortures them. However, he also treated the couple with drugs to keep them alive.

6. Imprint (2006)

In addition, there is a film called “The Imprint” which is considered too sadistic, so it has not been censored and is not allowed to be shown in Indonesia.

This movie tells the story of a man named Christopher who is looking for his missing girlfriend Komomo. Later, Christopher met a woman who finally revealed the fate of the poor and sad Komomo.

This is a list of Japanese films that are banned from showing in Indonesia.

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