Rows of new films in December that are embarrassing to miss!

There will be many good films in cinemas in December. Toward the end of the year, not only Hollywood films, but also several Indonesian films will be released on the big screen. Different genre will be in theaters, from horror to romance.

I wonder what films will be shown in December this year? Listen list below it!

1. Qorin (December 1, 2022)


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This new film in December opens with a film Stomach. This Indonesian horror film starred Zulfa Maharani, Omar Daniel and Agnini Haq. movie Stomach begins her story with Zahra, an exemplary girl’s school student. One day, a new student named Yolanda appears at school.

Ujay, the vice principal, turns out to have an evil plan for the students, namely to perform Korin’s ritual. The Ritual of Korin is the ritual of summoning each person’s magical twin. After the ritual, the women’s bedroom began to be terrorized by supernatural figures. Will they be able to fight the Korin genie?

2. Like and Share (December 8, 2022)

Like a share

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Director Gina S. Noer returns to bring her work to the big screen through films. Like a share. Produced by Starvision, this movie stars Aurora Ribero, Aravinda Kirana, Auliya Sarah, Jerome Kurnia and Kevin Julio.

movie Like a share tells about two young women, Lisa and Sarah, who are always together, accepting each other for who they are. However, things get complicated when Lisa becomes obsessed with porn and drives them away. Lisa and Sarah also explore the light and dark world of teenagers.

3. Gather Promises of Love (December 8, 2022)


Collect the promise of love
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movie Collect the promise of love Romantic comedy starring Irzan Faik and Marsha Aruan. The film takes place in the city of Solo. movie Collect the promise of love based on the history of Bagas and Ajeng.

Bagas secretly harbors feelings for Ajeng, but never dares to express them due to the difference in social status. Until one day Ajeng’s parents intend to tie their child to the young blue blood doctor Satrio. Bagas also ventured to meet Ajeng’s parents and promised Ajeng love.

4. Avatar: The Path of Water (December 14, 2022)

Avatar: Path of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water / photo:

One of the most anticipated Hollywood films by the audience – Avatar: Path of Water. Movie sequel Avatar (2009) was directed by James Cameron and starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet.

Avatar 2 follows Jake Sully’s life with his new family on the planet Pandora. The peace did not last long when the threats came, Jake had to work with Neytiri and the forces of the Na’vi race to protect his planet.

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