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Another blemish on Amsterdam Summer, André Hazes’ performance cuts off mid-song | show

After last year’s chaos at Amsterdam Summer, the organization, which includes Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smit, can count on criticism again this edition. André Hazes’ performance was cut short on Friday night after several songs due to poor planning, much to the sadness of the visitors. “It’s not professional.”

André Hazes should have been the big close of the evening, but after just a few songs the performance quickly came to a close. Arrangements had been made with the municipality so that the show could go on until 11 pm, but due to incorrect planning, Hazes was only able to start his part of the show too late. The singer indicated at the beginning of his set that he had to skip a number of songs, but in the middle of the song Live Hazes’ microphone went dead and that meant the end of the show not long after.

Visitors to Amsterdam Summer are not happy with the abrupt end to the night. ‘That ending really wasn’t possible… In the middle of the song everything stops and there was no saying goodbye, nothing. It was like the power went out,” someone wrote on Instagram. It’s not professional. A pity, because the evening deserved better’, writes another. ‘Disrespectful to Hazes. That boy is standing there and he doesn’t know where he is,” adds another visitor.

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The organization is already aware of the disappointment among the visitors. ,,Show’s over and we want another show tonight, so the end was abrupt. That was not Dré’s fault,” Bas Smit told this site. To ensure the performance runs smoothly tonight, the show will start fifteen minutes early. “Of course we want to give André the stage he deserves and be able to complete a spectacular finale tonight for all the visitors”, can be read on Instagram.

All in all, Smit is satisfied with the organization this year. “It really was the most amazing night of all. Everything that could have gone wrong last year has now more than doubled back,” referring to problems with drinking and eating facilities and people leaving last year. “The show was spectacular from A to Z. I am very proud of our team.”

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