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Artist Ard Gelinck Inundated With Requests After Editing Photos Of Three Generations Of Hazes | show

And again the work of graphic designer Ard Gelinck is going viral. This time a photoshop edit with André Hazes, his late father Hazes senior and little Dreetje. An emotional gift, arranged by his/his ex-lover Monique Westenberg and performed by Gelinck.

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01-24-23, 07:21

There is a lot of response towards the Groenlo artist. Gelinck is especially moved by Monique and Dré’s reactions. “It seems to be very special, especially because it seems so real,” he says of the couple, who no one is sure if they are still a couple or not. “That does something to me, I think that’s very good.”

The gift has generated enormous interest. Not in the slightest because the Hazes share a large part of their life on social networks and the vicissitudes that surround the Dutch acquaintances are thoroughly enjoyed. Gelinck saw a lot of positive reactions, but also negative ones.


However, the first type predominates: „Under the posts you see a lot of ‘very valuable’, ‘beautiful’, ‘tears in the eyes’, goosebumps’, but also: ‘how do you do that?’ I was talking to Monique about it this afternoon. She asked me if she was still getting a lot of applications. I told him: ‘Stop, it’s impossible’. People who want to be represented with their deceased father or mother”.

It’s not possible, Gelinck also means very literally. In the case of the Hazes family, she had access to very good quality images from well-known photographers such as Edwin Smulders and Govert de Roos, for which Monique had arranged permission to use. Material by unknown Dutchmen is not always of sufficient quality for such an adaptation.

‘Something really beautiful’

Another point is the emotional charge. “Each order has a story behind it. I shouldn’t have all that in my head,” says the down-to-earth Achterhoeker firmly. “That costs me too much energy. I need something to give me energy.”

The fact that he’s done this for André Hazes is partly because he’s worked with Dré before. “I had good contact with him then, so give it to him.” Also for the effort Monique has put into creating something special for Dré. “You realize that she really wants to give him something beautiful.”

The three generations of Hazes, made by Ard Gelinck. © Ard Gelinck

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