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Maan Pays Tribute To Late Friends Of Amstel Fashion Icon With Corset Also Worn By Hailey Bieber | show

with photosThe performance of Maan de Steenwinkel (25) at the seventh concert of Vrienden van Amstel Live 2023 tonight has a special fashion touch. The singer sings in a striking outfit by recently deceased fashion icon Vivienne Westwood (1941-2022), which may be familiar to fashion fans.

She was a household name to the older generation with stars like Boy George and Annie Lennox, but Vivienne Westwood also has almost godlike status among today’s celebrities. Supermodel Bella Hadid (25) recently called the British fashion designer “the coolest person to ever walk the earth.”

Maan is also a fan. Two weeks after Westwood’s death, he will pay a small tribute tonight at Ahoy Rotterdam. The singer wears denim corset pants and crop top from the fashion house, including the famous Westwood logo on the hip. She credits the brand with the photo of her backstage on Instagram, appropriately adding a rose and kite emoji for the late Westwood as well.

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Maan follows in the footsteps of top model Hailey Bieber, who already wore the same outfit in 2020. She was caught with him on the street and during a photo shoot. The exact price of the parts is no longer found, but you will soon lose 1500 euros. Bieber styled her outfit with gold earrings and necklaces and white sneakers. Maan opts for white and silver sneakers, gold earrings and an eye-catching shimmering bra.

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Hailey Bieber in Vivienne Westwood’s Ensemble. © Bruno Press/imagedirect

It proves the point that several celebrities made after Westwood’s death. “Your legacy is immortal and everlasting,” singer Halsey wrote. Or, as Annie Lennox put it, “She’s not gone, she’s just somewhere else.” Westwood passed away last month at the age of 81, according to her company, “peacefully” in front of her family in London.

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