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Barbie boycotted for ‘Chinese communist propaganda’

Republicans have no intention of filling movie theaters for the next release of Barbie. Otherwise. Some conservative American politicians even accuse the film of “Chinese communist propaganda.” Ridiculous? Or do they have a point?

The two answers do not have to be mutually exclusive. Hollywood often goes round and round to placate the Chinese government. Otherwise, the movies will be banned from theaters and studios. whistling to astronomical returns of the Chinese market. But this diplomatic -and therefore cinematographic- subjugation also creates new enemies. And not just Republicans.

Barbie provokes the ire of the republicans

For exactly the same reason as conservative American politicians, Vietnam also pointed an accusing finger at Barbie. In fact, the movie became complete. connect in the country. Can you find the reason below?

In the trailer for the blockbuster, you can see for a second a map of one of the most disputed areas on the planet: the South China Sea. Despite the name, it is in fact an international maritime area where several countries have territorial waters, including Vietnam. However, China is increasingly claiming this territory with dubious tactics and geopolitical pulses.

China wants to control what Americans think

The map that appears in the trailer of Barbie could be seen, shows the call northfine dashed line, an imaginary line that attributes these disputed territories to China. A thorn in the side of many Southeast Asian countries (including Taiwan). But Republicans can’t laugh at that either.

“China wants to control what Americans see, hear and ultimately think.” according a spokesman for the controversial senator, Ted Cruz. “They use their huge movie markets to force corporate America to push communist propaganda, just like Barbie seems to be done with the map.

Warner Bros. discover that there is no dirt in the air. “The drawings show Barbie’s imaginary journey from Barbie Land to the real world” sounds Him. “Not meant to be a statement.”

Nonsense of course. No statement can also be a statement. I had Warner. Bros showed the internationally recognized version of the map, it wouldn’t take a second Barbie once appeared on the big Chinese screen. So while the boycott may seem childish in a vacuum, the Republicans may be right.

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Barbie boycotted for ‘Chinese communist propaganda’

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