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Chris Hemsworth reveals Extraction 3 to Manners: ‘Idris Elba!’

The sequel to Extraction June 16 will undoubtedly dot your little screen. and thanks to netflix Manners I already visited Chris Hemsworth for coffee. Charming as ever, the Aussie superstar let her pearly whites shine with her next summer hit. But Extraction 3 it is already under construction. “It wasn’t for nothing that Idris Elba was brought in.”

Our editor who came to Berlin to thor to get in front of the microphone, the real man with the hammer only showed up after a night out. However, Chris Hemsworth remained Manners happy to talk. At least that’s what her Instagram post about the Netflix premiere of Extraction 2.

Felix van Manners in conversation with Chris Hemsworth (Picture: Netflix / Manners)

But is the sequel as exciting and amazing as the first and most successful Netflix movie of all time?

Chris Hemsworth on Extraction 2 (and 3): ‘Idris Elba was added for a reason’

And can the Marvel star shed some light on the future direction of the new franchise?

What makes playing Tyler Rake so appealing?

“Initially directed by Sam Hargrave. The way he shoots images with minimal editing and long takes, and the style in which he wanted to orchestrate the stunts, is nothing short of unique. But there’s also an emotional depth to the character that wasn’t necessarily seen in detail on screen during the first one. Extractionexcept for maybe one scene.

That Extraction 2 what made it so appealing was the chance to really explore that background. The emotional components, the tortured soul of Tyler Rake, and the tragedy that he managed to bury within himself.”

Extraction is a franchise now?

Intentions aside, there will never be a second, third, or fourth sequel unless audiences approve of the first movie. But it’s nice to be a part of something that has a fan base. Even outside of the Marvel world. AND Extraction it takes place in the real world instead of the fantastic one, as was the case with Marvel. So creatively, it’s new and unique to me.”

Every time you played Thor, you filled the role differently. Did you feel like you also had to reinvent Tyler Rake for Extraction 2?

Not so much to reinvent, but to explore, expand and evolve. That’s why we also introduced the character of Idris Elba; waiting for a third Extraction – if we can do Netlfix of course.

So my reason for including Idris Elba in the film was to change the dynamic in a beautiful way. To make Tyler Rake go in a different direction. In the past, action heroes were much more two-dimensional. Now we have a character who is tough looking and can be heroic, but is also a coward and dares to admit it. Continually trying to incorporate these different perspectives will hopefully keep the audience alert, surprised and engaged.

What stood out in the script of the first Extraction what made you sayholy shit I have to make this movie’?

I just wonder: do I like this script? I’m engaged? For me, the analytical part comes later. Why do any of us like something, right? it’s subjective. If you see a work of art and it attracts you for some reason, you can dissect it; this reminds me of something I’ve seen before, this color resembles a sunset or an experience I’ve had before.’

But he had complete confidence in Sam Hargrave and the fact that he had previously worked with him on several Marvel movies. His vision is completely different from what you usually see in action movies. So it was this new collaboration that got me excited. Extraction 2. Of course I was involved in certain scenes, but 95 percent of it was designed by him and his brilliant mind.

Stream Extraction 2 met Chris Hemsworth June 16, 2023 on Netflix.

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Chris Hemsworth reveals Extraction 3 to Manners: ‘Idris Elba added’

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