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Disney+ review – offer, prices, series and more

Get Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and more in one package.

​​The famous Mouse House could of course not be missing from the Dutch VOD landscape. Since 2019, Disney has offered its important catalog of classics and new additions from the Marvel and Marvel universes through Disney+. Star Wars In. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2019
Headquarters in: Burbank, Calif.
Focus: Movies and series for the whole family
Payment form: Subscription
Price: €9.99 per month or €99.90 per year

In 2015, DisneyLive in the UK demonstrated the value of a proprietary VOD platform for The Walt Disney Company. On the heels of its distribution deal with Netflix ending, Disney launched Disney+ in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands in 2019. Countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America (and eventually the UK) followed in 2020.

With Disney+, the entertainment company has invested heavily in streaming. More and more Disney shows and movies are being released directly via VOD, skipping the regular movie theater or TV altogether. It has earned the company more than 161 million subscribers worldwide by 2023.


Naturally, many Disney movie classics (such as The Lion King) and TV shows (such as duck tales) can be found on Disney+, but some of them are still locked away in the ‘Disney Vault’. In addition, Disney has been buying major franchises and channels in recent years to diversify its offering, which mainly consists of children’s movies.

On the Dutch platform there are 6 content hubs for the different brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic and Star. In addition, part of the offerings of the streaming service Hulu, which is largely owned by Disney, is will launch exclusively on Disney+ in the Netherlands (as Only murders in the building).

Disney has worked hard to release many originals that expand existing movie worlds. For example, think about the mandalorian in Bobba Fett’s book for Star Warsand in Wanda Vision in Loki for Marvel. But also the movie. Night in the museum has its own spin-off in the form of a series.

Five of the most famous Disney+ series are:
1. american horror stories
2. Star Wars: The Bad Batch
3. reserve dogs
4. Unlimited
5. The old man


Disney+ can be viewed in Europe, North America, South America, and parts of Africa and Asia. However, in some countries the service is offered as Disney+ Hotstar, for example in India and Indonesia.

The Disney+ app can be downloaded from the Android and Apple web stores, but the service can also be opened in regular web browsers. The application can also be found on most Smart TVs and consoles.

Pricing and subscriptions

Disney+ costs per month €9.99. It is also possible to contract the annual subscription with a significant discount. For this you only pay €99.90, which is equivalent to a 15% discount.

our advice

For fans of Disney, Marvel or Star Wars Disney+ is an absolute must. Many exclusive movies, series and specials are placed on the platform and provide a constant stream of new content. There are also plenty of fun movies and shows for kids to collect, proving once again that Disney+ is a great family platform.

However, if you don’t have much with the previous cinematic universes, the offer is quite disappointing in view of the relatively high price. Fortunately, many beautiful movies also make it to the platform (such as Avatar), but in terms of serious adult series, Disney can still take a few hits.

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