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Check SkyShowtime – offer, prices, series and more

Can’t miss this newcomer to the Netherlands on your streaming subscription list?

​​SkyShowtime has only been on the Dutch VOD market since October 2022 and has apparently yet to find its place among various competitors. However, they still have a surprisingly large selection of American TV series, which may leave many viewers wanting more. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2022
Headquarters in: London
Focus: american television
Payment form: subscription
Price: €6.99 per month / €54.99 per year

SkyShowtime was born out of a partnership between media giants Paramount Global and Comcast (owner of the Showtime pay channel) to make its significant back catalog available beyond US borders. In the United States, the two broadcast companies media previously had their own streaming services: Paramount+ and Peacock.

In 2021, Paramount+ was already available in Australia, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, Scandinavia, and the United States. That same year, the announcement followed that SkyShowtime would launch in Europe. The Northern European launch took place in September 2022 as a replacement for Paramount+, followed by the Netherlands on October 25, 2022.

In 2023 the merger of Comcast and Paramount Global was announced, which will also affect the brand new SkyShowtime in the Netherlands. Probably under the new name Paramount With Showtime, its offer will grow considerably, but some series will also be in danger of being cancelled.


With more than ten thousand hours of movie classics and American series, subscribers have nothing to complain about due to the breadth of the offer. The origin of the different films, series, reality shows and children’s programs is found mainly in the catalogs of Paramount Global, Sky and NBCUniversal. These include, but are not limited to, Showtime, Paramount Pictures, Universal, DreamWorks, Peacock, and Nickelodeon.

Five of SkyShowtime’s most famous series are:
1. yellow stone
2. 1923
3. aura
4. king of tulsa
5. Star Trek: Strange New World


Within Europe, SkyShowtime is available as a portal to Paramount Global and Comcast. Outside of Europe, other services have been created for this, including Paramount+ and Peacock.

SkyShowtime can be viewed via virtually all browsers and the app can be downloaded via Android and Apple. SkyShowtime can also be installed on Apple, Android and LG Smart TVs.

Pricing and subscriptions

The costs of a subscription to SkyShowtime are €6.99 per month of €54.99 per year. You save over 33% per year and get 12 months for the price of 8.

Users can stream from up to 3 screens simultaneously, with a maximum of 5 users per account.

our advice

SkyShowtime looks a lot like another American party that wants to break into the European market. So far they’ve made a good effort to do so, but with their current market position and offerings, they seem to have little to really set themselves apart from the competition.

In the next few years, the streaming service may become a major player given a little more time, as Paramount and Comcast have enough strong weapons at their disposal. After the merger, it will be clear if they can make full use of it.

For now, fans of specific series, like yellow stone of auraThey consider themselves lucky with SkyShowtime, but for the rest of the viewers it may be better to wait a while before buying it.

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