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Don’t Miss: The Ultimate List of the Top Ten ‘Criminal Minds’ Episodes

These episodes will make you want to rewatch all the seasons of ‘Criminal Minds’

Criminal minds is the long-running ‘killer of the week’ series in which a group of trained FBI agents are tasked with catching serial killers, terrorists, and other dangerous individuals.

In later seasons, the ‘perpetrator of the week’ routine has changed a bit and sometimes we follow the team for a season in search of the new threat.

Because the series has been running since 2005, that also produces a lot of great episodes.

10: Season 8, Episode 24: The Replicator

In season eight, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) hunts down John Curtis, aka The Replicator.

The Replicator is the definition of an evil genius: his method was to copy kills the team had solved before.

If anyone can play an evil mastermind, it’s Mark Hamill (batman the animated series) Well.

9: Season 4, Episode 3: Minimal Loss

This third episode of the fourth season is an episode that takes a lot of inspiration from the 1993 massacre in Waco, Texas.

When the FBI got into a shootout with “religious leader” David Koresh and his people.

In this episode, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and the still-new Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) are undercover in Benjamin Cyrus’ (Luke Perry) cult.

8: Season 4, Episode 1: Chaos

The explosion of a black SUV in New York is the beginning of a chilling episode of suspense.

When it appears that a BAU member may have been in the black SUV, the team goes to great lengths to catch the perpetrator.

7: Season 3, Episode 9: Penelope

When Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is attacked by a new serial killer, she must fight for her life, while the team, especially Derek Morgan, searches for the culprit.

The team’s emotional connection to Garcia makes this episode one of the best episodes.

6: Season 3, Episode 14: Damaged

In this episode we follow Rossi (Joe Mantegna) as he solves a case that has haunted him for 20 years.

A family was attacked, the parents were killed and the children were left behind. Rossi made sure that the children finished well. However, the culprit was never found.

A similar case ensures that Rossi dives into the past to catch this perpetrator.

The episode allows us to get to know Rossi better and who, above all, shows his heart and his commitment to work.

5: Season 14, Episode 1: 300

In episode three hundred of Criminal minds let’s go back to the past This time to the case of season 4, episode 3: minimal loss.

There is a new cult leader who has started a new cult with one of Cyrus’ wives. This leader is also known as ‘the Strangler’ and has already made 299 victims.

In this episode, Reid and Garcia are kidnapped by members of a cult who apparently also made their way into the FBI.

The episode reviews 299 previous episodes of Criminal minds and it’s a worthy follow-up to the season four episode.

4: Season 2, Episode 15: Revelations

Spencer Reid (Gubler) is one of the most interesting characters in the series.

In reliefs Reid is kidnapped by the schizophrenic serial killer Tobias Hankel (James Van Der Beek).

Reid is drugged and tortured by the former star of Dawson’s Creek and he must eventually kill his captor in order to escape.

Reid’s fears of being prone to a split personality like his mother make this one of the best episodes.

3: Season 2, Episode 1: The Fisher King

This episode, and the last episode of the first season, is about Randall Garner, a badly burned man.

Garner was the only member of his family to survive a fire that nearly engulfed his entire family. Garner lived in an asylum, where Spencer Reid’s mother, Diana (Jane Lynch, Happiness) substance.

Naturally, Reid and the rest of the BAU team become targets for Garner. This is the first time Criminal minds tells a story in more than one episode.

2: Season 5, Episode 9: 100

This hundredth episode is once again a success. The unsub in this episode is The Reaper / George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell).

He was the first suspect of Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). The Reaper has been after him ever since and is ultimately responsible for the death of Hotchner’s ex-wife Haley.

1: Season 4, Episode 8: Masterpiece

In this episode, Jason Alexander is the chilling unsub Henry Grace. A serial killer who thought he was a master murderer.

Rossi from Joe Keep caught his brother William, also a serial killer, ruining Henry Grace’s life. Thus, Rossi eventually becomes the target of the revenge-conscious killer.

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