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first taste of the new Witcher

Thanks to a helpful YouTuber, we already have a sneak peek at what Liam Hemsworth will look like as the new Geralt in The Wizard.

To the dismay of fans, Henry Cavill The Wizard leave. Officially, we know little about why, but rumor has it that Cavill took issue with the way showrunner Lauren Hissrich is adapting the source material. A self-confessed nerd, the actor is very fond of the books that started the franchise, by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Many fans aren’t exactly happy with the way the Netflix series is adapting the story. Add to that the mediocre Blood Origin prequel and you have a franchise with enormous potential that, sadly, constantly stumbles.

Once again The Witcher with Cavill

With all the hoopla, you’d almost forget that we’re owed another season with Henry Cavill as Geralt. The third season comes out this month. The Wizard to Netflix. We already got to see a full trailer last April. The first five episodes will premiere on June 29, and the last three episodes will be available starting on July 27. After that, it’s done with Cavill as Geralt, but it’s not done yet. The Wizard. Far from!

In fact: The Wizard It will get at least a fourth and a fifth season. Netflix clearly has faith in the franchise. We recently found out who the next Geralt will be: Liam Hemsworth. Exactly: Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth’s little brother. Needless to say, it didn’t matter who followed Cavill as far as fans’ anger was concerned. Either way, responses would have been quick. Perhaps that’s also why Netflix announced immediately after Cavill’s departure that Liam would become the new Geralt. He goes through that painful valley in one go, to then focus again on the next chapters of Geralt of Rivia’s adventure.

Liam Hemsworth The Witcher
Liam Hemsworth (Image: VALERIA MACON / AFP)

How will Liam Hemsworth fare?

Some fans just won’t be convinced, even if Liam Hemsworth delivers a flawless and fantastic performance. Too much, his lost. The Wizard Season 4 won’t release until next year at the earliest, but probably not until 2025. However, thanks to the overwhelming developments in AI and deepfakes specifically, we already have a taste of it.

The famous YouTube channel. warrior hd Let’s see what Liam Hemsworth will look like as Geralt. Half machine learning Did the YouTuber replace Henry Cavill’s face with Liam’s? So the body is still Cavill, as are all the moves. However, the video gives a mysterious taste about how Hemsworth can resemble the fantasy hero.

Hemsworth can’t win

It’s an impressive engineering feat, but unfortunately for Stryder HD, fans of The Wizard her anger at casting Liam because of how impressive the fake video is.

The video has more than twice as many dislikes as likes as of this writing, and the comments make it clear that that ratio has nothing to do with the video itself: “No matter how they push Hemsworth into this role, Henry it is irreplaceable. I can already see the fire that will make this show crash and burn after Season 3,” said a user named myemptybliss. “I do not watch The Wizard of Superman without Henry”, concludes TechWeLove. Good.

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Successor to Henry Cavill: first taste of the new Witcher

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