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Halloween 2023: the most popular costumes, the ranking

GRAMGoogle has published the list of the 200 most popular costumes. (most sought after, in short) Halloween 2023. And the news is that after three years of reign, the witch costume falls to fourth placedisplaced by that (but you think) of Barbie.

“Barbie”, behind the scenes of “I'm Just Ken” shows all the talent of Ryan Gosling

An inevitable result after the success of the film Greta Gerwig – You don’t reach a billion in income while running out of pink paint supplies without getting any satisfaction. The ever-imperishable suit continues Princess (up there even when The crown It will be a relevant series like now. dallas). So SpidermanSo fatethen in sixth place one of the series (and characters) that, surprisingly, have achieved more success than other more famous ones: Wednesday. In this case there is also the desire to recover: released on Netflix on November 23, 2022, the series has made all the fans of braids and stockings and cobwebs wait a year.

Going down further below you will find Dinosaur, Bunny, Clown. Very simple, familiar and innocent things. Until reaching 22nd place, ecco taylor swift. Yes, but Taylor, how? With the Eras tour costumes, with the MTV Awards looks, with everyday clothes? Even if you try hard to imagine some, you can’t find one that make him shout “Quick!” like an arm full of “Madonna!” rubber bracelets. Who knows, maybe the idea is to be a walking quiz.

Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Barbie (Margot Robbie), Mercoledì Addams (Jenna Ortega). (Warner Bros., Getty Images, Netflix)

Britney with knives?

Then he passed Suits of the 80s and Suits of the 90s, he passed by Morticia Addams (in position 77), the position that stops the gaze is 193. The one occupied Britney Spears. She is the second – and last – pop star present in the ranking of the most searched costumes for Halloween 2023. She does not lack a history of looks (from Baby one more time to the knife dance on Instagram), and the fact does not escape him, Unfortunately, for purely informational reasons, to be constantly popular.. After her failed marriage to Sam Asghari and her fight with her father for legal protection after the collapse of 2007, today she publishes her autobiography that tells the whole truth about her: The woman in me. Abundantly anticipated by various extracts.

Halloween 2023: the most wanted costumes

1 Barbie
2 princess
3 spider man
4 witch
5 fatas
6 Wednesday Addams
7 dinosaur
8 cowboy
9 ninjas
10 bunny
11 rabbit
12 pirate
13 Princess Peach
14 clown
15 pumpkin
16 batman
17 Little Mermaid
18 cheerleader
19 Ghost
20 bear
21 vampire
22Taylor Swift
23 Harley Quinn
24 doll

“The little Mermaid”. (disney)

beetle juicezombie chicken

25 character from the 80s
26 cowgirl
27 toy story
28 bluish
29 Star Wars
30 chuky
31 Angel
32 skeleton
33 superhero
34 monsters inc.
35 bell
36 alien
37 Pokémon
38 Zombie
39 Satan
40 wildcard
41 Beetle Juice
42 Bowser
43 Catwoman
44 Dragon
45 Chicken
46 period costumes
47 shark
48 teacher
49 lover

Zoë Kravitz is all about “The Batman.” (Getty Images)

Henun, beast

50 ghost face
51 Pennywise
53 Darth Vader
54 Anakin Skywalker
55 various pets
56 Spider
57 Poison Ivy
58 monsters
59 Fortnite
60 rangers
61 characters from The Wizard of Oz
62 Bat
63 police
64 Beast
65 Horse
66 costumes from the 90s
67 cow
68 animals
69 Fire Department
70 Buzz Lightyear
71 shrek
72 direct
73 Cruel demon
74 minecraft

Emma Stone in “Cruella.” (disney)

Mickey Mouse, Lego, Spears

75 Miles Morales
76 Spider-Gwen
77 Morticia Addams
78 Paw Patrol
79 Ariel
80 Hocus Pocus
81 paper
82 Toad
83 characters from the 70s
84 Wonder Woman
85 Lioness
86 Freddy Krueger
87 astronaut
88 Unicorn
89 The Flintstones
90 playboy bunnies
92 Michael Myers
93 Winnie the Pooh
94 Mickey Mouse
95 monkey
96 Princess Jasmine
97 Care Bear
98 characters from the 60s
lego 99
100 boogie eyes

193 Britney Spears


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