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Entertainment and fighting: the writers of this popular animated series hold a hilarious protest against the WGA

Screenwriters fight for larger writers rooms and restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence

Also the writers of The Simpsons recently joined the Writers Guild of America’s writers’ strike.

week six

The strike, which just ended in week 6, began when the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was unable to reach an agreement with the WGA.

Writers are fighting for expanded writers rooms, restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence, financial compensation for series on streaming sites and many other issues that have affected pay and job security in Hollywood.

present and past

Writers of classic and modern episodes of The Simpsons have recently joined the pickets outside of Fox, including Conan O’Brien, James L. Brooks, Matt Selman, Al Jean, and Dana Gould.

Also in attendance was series co-creator Matt Groening. While many protesters brought their own Simpsons-related signs, Groening also drew custom signs featuring Simpsons characters and slogans like “Lisa needs assignments.”

Check out some social media posts about the Simpsons strike below:

Is The Simpsons affected by the writers’ strike?

the writers of The Simpsons they are directly affected by the strike and stand in solidarity with their fellow WGA members.

Despite this, the broadcast of the series is unlikely to be affected too much by the strike itself.

Due to the long production time of the animation, especially for the prime time series, it is likely that the upcoming 35th season of The Simpsons will air later this year as scheduled.

Depending on how the negotiations go, the future of The Simpsons Ultimately, he could become one of the biggest assets in getting a fair deal for writers.

All episodes of The Simpsons can here to look.

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