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Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ must, if the majority of the House of Representatives so decides, invest part of their turnover in Dutch productions. The coalition parties VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie have reached an agreement on this, confirms Pim van Strien of the VVD.

The vote on the law has been postponed for four weeks in a row because the parties could not agree. This included the amount that should go to independent producers. The Chamber will debate the proposal at the end of May.

The parties spent weeks negotiating amendments to the law that were put forward by VVD, D66, CDA, PvdA and GroenLinks and at times contradicted each other. These will be amended so that a parliamentary majority can approve them.

Broadcasting platforms with a turnover of at least 10 million in the Netherlands must invest 5 percent of this in Dutch productions, according to the coalition plan. This does not necessarily have to be a Dutch production. Friesian is also allowed. Even a film in English is allowed, as long as it has an original script in Dutch and deals with the culture or history of the country.

Géza Weisz and Holly Mae Brood in the Netflix thriller The Takeover. ©Netflix

During a debate on the law, D66, PvdA and GroenLinks argued for a lower turnover limit. The VVD could not agree to that. He feared this would drive small broadcasters abroad, including new players. This proposal is no longer on the table. The right-wing coalition party does agree with a higher percentage, also a desire of the left. Initially it would be 4.5 percent.

point of contention

Fearing that Netflix would invest all the released money in its own Dutch productions, left-wing opposition parties wanted 80 percent of the amount to go to independent producers. D66 was positive about it, but the VVD saw no such obligation. The two liberal coalition partners have met on this issue by 60 percent.

Another bone of contention was the kind of Dutch productions the money could be spent on. The bill only refers to movies, documentaries or series. Lucille Werner (CDA) believes that money should be able to go into almost any genre, including comedy or reality TV, for example. This plan met with resistance from left-wing parties and the D66. With the help of right-wing opposition parties, Werner seems to have secured enough support if she adjusts the plan: half of the money must go to films, documentaries and series, the other half can go to any genre.

Netflix has already released some so-called ‘originals’ from the Netherlands, including the takeover met Holly Mae Brood, Transport I met Frank Lammers, always rich with Jonas Smulders and the Dutch-Belgian Noise with Sallie Harmsen.

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