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Modi Ayunda loves to be surprised by the love language of her Korean husband Jesse Choi.

Modi Ayunda got a lot of new experiences after she married a Korean named Jesse Choi. He feels more loved, mom.

Modi Ayunda and Jessie Choi got married on May 22, 2022. Currently, they still look warm and intimate, like newlyweds.

Since Modi Ayunda got married, she has gone through many internal changes. Most of all, he feels the change between the choice to love or be loved.

Also, Modi Ayunda discovered a different side of her husband that was very sweet. Apparently he was surprised to feel language of love courtesy of Jesse Choi.

“My husband confirmation of wordsit’s not bad too. I like to wonder myself how he conveys love, this is amazing“, he said, quoted from the YouTube channel. Modi Ayunda.

During a video blog conversation with Putri Tanjung, Modi Ayunda also received questions that were quite difficult to answer. He was asked if he prefers to love or be loved, Mother.

Apparently, this 27-year-old artist has undergone a change in views on the feeling of love. If before marriage she was more prone to love, now Modi really feels what it’s like to be loved.

“I’m a little bias. I loved, but after marriage, how do I value what it’s like to be loved,” the singer replied Suddenly love comes.

“Because it’s coming home, to a place where we know that this person loves us, it’s comfort and so on. self love what I have,” he said.

The actress, who was born on December 19, 1994, realized the magnitude of the power of love only after marriage. Living with Jesse Choi made him receive a lot of love from those close to him.

Due to the fact that she was loved, Modi Ayunda also received various benefits and good changes in her life. He feels calmer, Mom.

“The love that I receive from how my husband loves me it’s so amazing that i know this is what it means to be loved and it’s spreading everywhere. Running away to my comfort with myself, with the world, I worry less,” she said.

Despite the fact that she received a lot of love and is now used to being loved by her husband, this did not make Modi unlearn how to love. He is even more motivated to give more love, Mother.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t want to love anymore, I even want to love because I already know what it’s like (to be loved). It’s amazing too,” Modi said.

On the same occasion, Modi also opened up about how she and Jessie Choi wanted to enjoy their dating moments before finally planning a pregnancy.

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