My fault review [Prime Video]

Director: Sunday Gonzalez | Script: Domingo González in Mercedes Ron| Cast: Nicole Wallace (Noah), Gabriel Guevara (Nick), Fran Berenguer (Ronnie), Marta Hazas (Rafaella), Iván Sánchez (William), ea | Time to play: 117 minutes | Year: 2023

Seventeen-year-old Noah has absolutely no desire to live with his mother’s new husband, no matter how big his closet at home is. Unfortunately, he has little to be desired and is allowed to say goodbye to his boyfriend and his best friends. Once he arrives at the huge villa, Noah soon comes face to face with his handsome stepbrother. Look here the premise of the somewhat sweet Spanish romantic comedy My fault. Where would this go anyway?

Newborn stepbrother Nick has been successful in every area imaginable. Besides his appearance, he is popular with friends, popular with the ladies, and is undergoing hard study. However, the boy is also blessed with a healthy dose of swagger and spunk.

The creators of this sensual romkom have decided to aim for as wide a target group as possible. For those not into the swooning and taboo of stepbrothers and stepsisters swooning over each other, Nick’s extreme hobbies may still be worth your time. The student likes to participate in wild parties and illegal car races.

Something for everyone, especially when it turns out that Noah can drive a good round too. Because her biological father, who she’s estranged from, is like a former race car driver. To go a step further, the writers have also come up with a crime story, which must be completed in the last fifteen minutes.

Because My fault In such a wide range, the mixture of genres and themes becomes a tangle that is difficult to unravel. Although romanticism is paramount, it is constantly disturbed by a weak imitation of the fast and the furious. It does not want to turn on and the characters are developed flatly. Nick is the cliché of a rich man’s son with a black edge and Noah has no problem adjusting to his new surroundings.

This makes this Spanish production a succession of missed opportunities and real conflicts that are nipped in the bud. Even with slightly more fleshed out characters and stories, the creators could have kept it light. Attempts to give Noah some girl power also fail, because after a fiery car ride, she’s just as easily delirious at the sight of her stepbrother’s chicken breast.

My fault it creates the illusion that it wants to break free from the romkom schematic approach of a dime in a dozen, adding a lot to the formula. Unfortunately, this experiment ends without many memorable moments. The latest shot hints at a possible sequel. Let it rest.

My fault can be seen in first video.

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