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Review of season 2 of the HBO Max series ‘Our Flag Means Death’

Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi raise the flag for a new season of the romantic comedy at sea.

Director: Andrew DeYoung, Fernando Frias, David Jenkins | Cast: Rhys Darby (Stede Bonnett), Taika Waititi (Edward Teach/Blackbeard), Con O’Neill (Izzy Hands), Vico Ortiz (Jim), Joel Fry (Frenchie), each | Episodes: 8 | Time to play: 23-30 minutes | Year: 2023

As a queer viewer, when you see almost undeniable chemistry between two people of the same sex, it creates the expectation that the creators will try to convince the audience that these characters are just friends. In a light-hearted twist in the first season of Our flag means death However, all doubts were put to rest when Stede Bonnett and Edward Teach, also known as The Pirate Knight and Blackbeard, shared a tender moment in the moonlight, including a kiss. In the second season, after a turbulent period, the blossoming relationship between the two sailors is further explored.

first season of Our flag means death was praised, among other things, for subverting some common conventions surrounding LGBTQ+ characters and stories. As a combination of a workplace sitcom (in the form of a dysfunctional pirate crew) and a romantic comedy at sea, this series contains a number of plot elements that you wouldn’t expect to come together. This series doesn’t seem to be afraid to do what it wants.

The crew of The Revenge contains diverse identities and backgrounds, but they are united in the need for the freedom of seafarer life. Like a kind of found family, the crew members defend each other and their underqualified captain Stede Bonnett. In the first season it was mainly his incompetence that caused hilarity and drove the story. That is, until her romance with Edward Teach began to develop. The second season features less screen time for the team and more for a pensive Stede desperately trying to win Edward back.

That we see more of Stede and Ed is a logical choice, as their relationship has kept fans busy since the end of last season, but the bickering and racing with each other can eventually bore the less involved viewer. The comic relief previously provided by the supporting characters would be more than welcome in that case. However, they are not completely left aside. New characters appear and old characters find their way back to The Revenge. Blackbeard’s first mate Izzy Hands, in particular, gets a story worth mentioning.

When it comes to the central point of the series, the relationship between Stede and Ed, little else is left to be desired. The two are in love, there’s no doubt about it, and their love for each other helps them make better decisions about themselves and the people around them. Plus, they’re still fun too, thanks to the performances of Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi.

The best way to describe his and the other characters’ relationship, both romantic and platonic, is respectful. Respectful on the part of the characters, but also on the part of the filmmakers. that loses Our flag means death Maybe the advantage of the first season, but not to the point that the series is no longer interesting to watch.


Our flag means death can be seen in maximum HBO.

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