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Review of the Apple TV+ series ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’

Highly manipulated and dangerously misleading documentary that once again turns a hoax into a true story.

Director: Jerry Rothwell | Cast: Olivia Booth-Ford (Janet Hodgson), Christos Lawton (Guy Lyon Playfair), Daniel Lee (Billy Hodgson), Paula Benson (Peggy Hodgson), Grace Evans (Susan Blackmore), each | Episodes: 4 | Time to play: 54-62 minutes | Year: 2023

A rapidly growing world population not only means that the climate is changing, but also that there are increasing numbers of certain types of people. Take, for example, those who cannot accept the fact that there are people with enormous knowledge and superior intelligence, so they shout that these experts know nothing and have a sinister goal, and that they themselves have much more knowledge. The Enfield Leprechaun gives the floor to fools and dismisses experts as exhausting people. Stupid stupid stupid.

In 1977, a British family made headlines because an evil spirit was said to haunt their home and use their youngest daughter for verbal expression. The story caught the attention of a businessman who wanted to investigate it, after which he made two hundred hours of audio recordings. The creators of this series use that material so that the actors on set recreate everything, while those involved give their opinion in the middle.

Among them are a small number of people who correctly conclude that this was not a well-conducted investigation and does not provide evidence of paranormal phenomena. But they are given little time and people like them are presented beforehand as boring skeptics who can never be convinced. Bloedlink, as a documentary, to confront the viewer with science.

With added images of flashing lights and scary background music. The Enfield Leprechaun to the conclusion that it was actually all real, while the Enfield case was long ago dismissed as nonsense. This is yet another investigation into paranormal phenomena in which, coincidentally, no cameras were on when, according to conflicting witnesses, all kinds of things were flying through the air and activity was stagnating when professional scientists were present.

The story may be familiar, because it is not the first time it has been performed. That happened before in a miniseries with Timothy Spall and the second part of The spell, in which an unprecedented amount was invented (including the Warren couple, who in these films are always presented as sincere and heroic, while in real life they were pure con artists). It is the most brilliant performance. ghost watch.

A book could be full of everything in it. The Enfield Leprechaun It’s Wrong. For example, the investigation is carried out by a businessman who indicates that he is completely skeptical, but as soon as he hears some knocks he concludes that he is clearly a lost soul. Uri Geller is mentioned, but the fact that he was not a medium but an illusionist is not mentioned.

Or take the BBC interview of which the filmmakers do not show a certain part, namely the moment when one of the girls interviewed indicates that her house is not haunted at all and her older sister immediately responds with “shut up” and begins to laugh Anyone who approaches this neutrally will realize that this was just a game between two children.

But the businessman did not arrive with that attitude. The last episode shows that something was going on within his family, which contributed to his desire for a great afterlife to exist. The man also appeared to be in possession of a movie camera. But of course he stayed home. Just stick with the sound clips, because the world probably needs enough of “Believe me, guys, the marbles just flew across the room. Really.”

Before people who question the authenticity of this give their opinion, a message appears indicating that they are not trustworthy. Take the famous ventriloquist who took the girls aside to another room where the older sister simply confessed that it was all an act. Regarding that man, one of the ‘witnesses’ claims that someone like him ‘naturally’ crossed the threshold of prejudice. Oh yeah? Alright?

The girl, now an adult woman, also speaks. She cannot speak at a normal pace and her hair grows past her hips. This woman is not well. Sad, but that’s how it is. However, she still insists that she was real. The creators and everyone involved at the time ignore one clear fact: the ghost says his name was Bill Wilkinson, but the previous occupant of his house was named Bill Wilkins. The ghost is still very bright, but remembering his own name was too much.

For decades, the late James Randi kept a sum of money ready for any supposed medium who could demonstrate his gift. The experiments were carried out entirely according to the medium’s wishes, and yet they coincidentally never worked, prompting excuses like “the energy in this room doesn’t feel right.” In the end, the Enfield case turned out to be simply that of a teenager living under stress. Getting this non-supernatural cow out of the ditch is purely for money. Or to show that everything was true after all, but that hasn’t been proven with this series either.


The Enfield Leprechaun can be seen in AppleTV+.

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