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Director: Randall Emmet | Script: Adam Taylor Barker, Chris Sivertson | Cast: Jack Huston (Shelby John), Robert De Niro (Sheriff Mike Church), Willa Fitzgerald (Ruby Red), Swen Temmel (Elvis Kincaid), John Malkovich (Peter), ea | Time to play: 100 minutes | Year: 2022

wild salvation once again he subscribes to Alfred Tennyson’s famous quote that it is better to have loved too much and lost than to have loved never. This is reflected in the film’s plot, on the one hand, and how that plot is presented, on the other. wild salvation it’s revealed halfway as a revenge thriller, missing out on a more interesting movie. However, that makes the loss of the main character very palpable. Unintentionally, but still.

For the uninformed viewer who walked into the room a minute too late (and thus missed out on an unnecessary prologue), this turn toward revenge thriller may come as a surprise. During his first half wild salvation that is, a romantic drama about a despondent young couple trying to get their life together back on track.

The fact that these two start out as heroin addicts is something the film treats remarkably subdued. Movies often portray young lovers running from hard drugs as reprehensible addicts, but wild salvation he knows how to evoke empathy for them and even make it understandable how a joint drug addiction can be experienced as romantic.

Paying close attention to the ups and downs of the young couple hits pretty hard when suddenly it all turns out to be for nothing. Where most revenge thrillers run smoothly through the first act so that the main course can kick off quickly, it does. wild salvation a good attempt to make the viewer aware of the loss that sets this revenge mission in motion. The greatest sense of loss, however, comes from the experience of an interesting movie ending suddenly midway through, giving way to less compelling viewing material.

because unfortunately it transforms wild salvation in its second half in an extremely flat action thriller. There are some good moments of action, but it all comes off too easily for the avenging angel. A little more backhand would have been welcome and would also fit better with the dramatic tones of the first half. With such a lead up, it might have been better to aim for a movie like blue ruin: Based on a revenge thriller, but more of a personal drama in terms of execution.

The huge dose of religious symbolism does not wild salvation finally the tie. In a way, it’s admirable that the movie does it so blatantly, but more often than not it turns into ridiculous business. An action scene set to the musical accompaniment of a melancholy rock performance by Amazing Grace is almost laughable. With such crazy choices, it suddenly becomes much more notorious that a sympathetic sheriff is named Church, of all places.

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