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Souls is what you get when stupid creators pretend to be intellectuals.

Director: Alex Eslam, Hanna Maria Heidrich | Cast: Brigitte Hobmeier (Hanna), Aaron Kissiov (Jacob), Julia Koschitz (Allie), Lili Epply (Linn), Aleksandar Jovanovic), ea | Number of episodes: 8 | Time to play: 40-47 minutes | Year: 2022

There are movies and series where the most important answers to a mystery are not given, but that’s not a problem because that’s not really what it’s about. Therefore, too much emphasis will not be placed on this inexplicable mystery. In souls it’s all about the mystery until the very last moment, but it’s not worth watching eight slow episodes about it. Therefore, there will be a spoiler later in this review. The outcome, like the rest of the series, is not worth it.

In the past, Allie is stuck in a time loop. She experiences over and over again the day when her husband will be the pilot of a crashed flight and she can’t get him out of the plane. In the present, the teenager Jacob claims to be the reincarnation of the same deceased pilot. In the future, Linn infiltrates a cult that she believes in reincarnation. The plane crash is what connects the three characters and times, but how much is really behind it?

the writers of souls They betray their ignorance in the first few minutes. One character is introduced in voiceover as Allie. A minute later, she says to her husband, “Is Allie pregnant?” You just met Allie and the last thing you expect is for her to talk about herself in the third person. Then unnecessary confusion is created. Just a stupid mistake. But it does explain why this show thinks it’s incredibly smart without actually being.

And stupid people assume that others are stupid too. It’s very clear what the different times are: a blonde Allie is in the past, the present is Jacob with his retro jacket and his ridiculous haircut and the future is for Linn who lives in a squatted office building with a cult. Easy. However, in every episode, the words “past”, “present” and “future” appear on the screen, in case you didn’t get it. It soon evokes a “yeah, now we know” feeling, but it lingers persistently.

souls he has no sense of humor and takes himself very seriously. That is purely to maintain the illusion that you are watching a drama of deep quality. Let Jacob stare very intently at something while an almost incessant digital background of ironing plays, then hopefully it won’t be noticeable that the actor has only one facial expression throughout the series. Give that subplot of Jacob’s aggressive father a violent climax, then no one will notice that this is too far removed from the main plot.

The biggest crime is the focus on mystery. First, there’s Allie’s imprisonment on that fateful day. That riddle ends after a few episodes with the claim that none of it was real; All along it turned out to be a movie adaptation of Allie’s book that she wrote to get over the loss of her husband. The mystery of the future is whether that cult leader can really send people to a past life. No. It looks like he’s just playing. They are two riddles that require hours of viewing but end in nothing.

Two mysteries have already been blown away, leaving only Jacob, who claims to share his body with the deceased pilot Leo. Yes, that’s real. Or no, not in the middle of the season. A little later again. Then not again. And at the last minute he comes up with proof that it’s all real. But yeah, then the series ends and you’re left with the question: what was the point of this series?

Another German mystery appeared on another streaming service a few years ago. It gained popularity, which opened the door for more German mystery series, because for decades there’s been a misconception that if something doesn’t come from Hollywood, it’s by definition more worthwhile. Pure nonsense. Quality and scrap are universal. souls it’s junk, wrapped in a crazy jacket that’s trying to make you think it’s quality.


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