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Still don’t have enough movies and series about chefs and kitchens after ‘The Bear’? Then look here!

“Yes Boss!” These movies and series that largely take place in kitchens are definitely worth watching.

The culinary world has always been a source of fascination and inspiration for movies and TV shows. Here are ten of the best chef movies and TV shows you won’t want to miss.

10. The Bear (2022-), hulu

This dramatic comedy tells the tragic story of younger brother Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), who takes over the sandwich shop after the death of his brother Mike (Jon Bernthal).

Carmy has made waves in the New York culinary world, but now she wants to prove she can turn this case around and make the staff unwilling to participate.

A story that is as much about family as it is about cooking, including dysfunctional relationships, growing self-confidence, finding purpose, and coping with grief.

With its second season receiving just as much praise as its first, if not more. Bear you must see it.

9. The Menu (2022-), AppleTV+

This comedy horror film is about a former top chef who is fed up with criticism and his passion is not taken seriously by critics, rivals and others.

He turns an exclusive dinner on his private island into a killer lesson.

But when a young woman (Anya Taylor-Joy) arrives who isn’t on the original guest list, chef Julian (Ralph Fiennes) is upset.

The menu is a movie that makes viewers cringe, laugh and amaze with the incredible cast.

It certainly gives fans a greater appreciation for how seriously some chefs take their craft.

This film shows the enormous stress and pressure chefs in upscale restaurants face to keep the kitchen running smoothly and always innovative.

Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) destroys his career when his temper and addiction get the best of him.

He goes to New Orleans to open a million oysters as penance while he sobers up and thinks he’s ready to get back to business.

Once back, Jones is determined to earn himself a third Michelin star.

However, this will require crossing countless bridges that he burned before and working on both himself and his cooking skills.

Burned is a beautiful story of determination and redemption.

7. Hell’s Kitchen (2015-), hulu

This hit reality show takes you behind the scenes of a real restaurant kitchen.

While many moments are intended for dramatic effect, viewers get a glimpse of the high standards in high-end restaurants. They also get a general idea of ​​how quickly and efficiently a kitchen can, or at least should, run.

Directed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the series features professional and aspiring chefs.

Regardless of their experience, all chefs are looking for the coveted prize: a job at one of Ramsay’s restaurants.

6. Boiling Point (2021), AppleTV+

In this British drama, Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) is the chef of a fancy restaurant in London.

You find out that they have been downgraded to a 3-star rating after a health department inspection.

Now he and his kitchen staff have to work even harder to win back their stars.

Boiling point, an extension of a 2019 short film, was well received by critics. It is described as convincing and a “thrilling adventure on the tightrope”.

The BBC is now also working on a follow-up series, in which both Graham and his co-actors Vinette Robinson and Hannah Walters return.

Although it only lasted one season, “Blancos” is a fun series that humorously addresses the world of restoration.

The series is about Roland White (Alan Davies), an elderly chef at a hotel restaurant who leaves half of his daily stress and work to his sous chef Bib (Darren Boyd) and restaurant manager Caroline (Katherine Parkinson, The IT Crowd).

The job is not easy with a peculiar mix of characters among the staff, including an incompetent waitress.

Matt King, who co-wrote the show, admitted that the story is based on his own experiences at a restaurant called Hansbury Manor.

The show was so popular that fans in the UK launched a campaign to bring it back, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

However, all six episodes are worth it for a good laugh.

4. Bob’s Burgers (2011-), hulu

For a fun look at the fast food portion of the restaurant industry is bob’s burgersan animated sitcom about married couple Bob and Linda Belcher, who own a small hamburger restaurant.

Along with their three children, Bob and Linda (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and John Roberts) try their best to balance work and personal life.

The show offers a humorous look at the working class, which includes not only the Belcher family, but also the restaurant’s guests.

Set in New Jersey, each episode tells a unique story involving at least one of the Belcher family and the people they hang out with around town.

With a fourteenth and fifteenth season coming soon, there’s also a “Bob’s Burger” movie for those who want more.

3. Confidential Kitchen (2005), hulu

Based on Anthony Bourdain’s best-selling book, “Kitchen Confidential” is a sitcom starring Bradley Cooper as the character Jack Bourdain.

The series was axed after just one season, but it did provide a stark look at the challenges Bourdain himself has faced in his life and career, including his addiction to alcohol and drugs and his chance to come back.

The sitcom was produced by Darren Star, known for Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place in Emily in Paris.

The series also had other big name guests or recurring stars, including John Cho, Lindsay Price, and John Larroquette.

2. Pie in the Sky (1994-1997), pbs[/url2]

An earlier series, “Pie in the Sky” is a British crime drama comedy. What does that have to do with cooking, restaurants and chefs?

The main character, detective investigator Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths, known as Vernon Dursley in the Harry Pottermovies), is a policeman who decides to open his own restaurant as soon as he retires.

But after being recruited and blackmailed, Crabbe occasionally has to take on a case when the need arises.

Thus, he becomes a chef and a police detective and has to deal with two positions with incredibly high pressure. In each episode, you get to see what’s going on on both sides of his life.

cake in the sky it’s a procedural police drama, but with a funny twist that makes it almost two shows in one.

1. Chef’s Table (2005-), [url1=

Chef’s Table biedt een kijkje achter de schermen in de levensverhalen van beroemde chef-koks van over de hele wereld.

Waarvan sommigen enorme obstakels hebben overwonnen om te komen waar ze vandaag zijn.

De serie begint met Massimo Bottura, eigenaar van Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italië, en bevat chefs uit New York, Argentinië, Los Angeles, Australië en meer, waarbij elke aflevering zich richt op een andere chef-kok.

Er zijn ook verschillende spin-off series geïntroduceerd, die zich richten op specifieke gebieden van de culinaire wereld, zoals patissiers, pizza en barbecue.

Je kunt de afleveringen in willekeurige volgorde bekijken en ontdekken over eten, van Indonesië tot Peru.

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