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The Spider-Man movie with the world’s greatest artist died

The Hollywood strikes have claimed a new victim: The dead, an ambitious Spider-Man spin-off starring the best artist in the world. bad bunny

That’s not Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, that’s Bad Bunny. It’s probably not the first name she thought of, especially if she was born in the Netherlands and especially before the turn of the century.

bad bunny megaster

However, the Puerto Rican rapper is a giant, especially in countries like Argentina and Colombia. In fact, the 29-year-old megastar has been the most streamed artist on Spotify for three years in a row. If you only include the United States, Bad Bunny will lose to Drake and Swift.

The Godfather is much more than just a rapper though. Last year he already played a rather limited role in Bullet trainentertaining action movie Deadpool 2director David Leitch. Yes, Bad Bunny is taking Hollywood by storm. At least that was the case. Hollywood has been on its ass for months now due to the current writers’ strikes, and that also throws a wrench in the works when it comes to the suv’s acting career.

Spider-Man’s Own Movie

currently running Through the Spider-Verse in theaters A fantastic Spider-Man movie, which after many disappointing blockbusters from Marvel Studios proves that superhero movies can and above all still surprise. Creativity shines through. It doesn’t end there, because Sony Pictures has ambitious plans for Spider-Man and company. For example, there will be another Spider-Verse movie next year, his arch-nemesis Kraven the Hunter is getting her own movie this year, for which a first trailer has just been released, and several Spider-Man series are coming to Amazon Prime. . Video.

Going back to Bad Bunny: he would also get his own Spider-Man spin-off, called The dead. An already announced action movie by Jonás Cuarón, none other than the son of Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón. El Muerto would be Marvel’s first live action film starring a Latino character and its premiere was scheduled for January 12 of next year. The Bad Bunny character in the Spider-Man comics is an antihero, the son of a Mexican wrestler, who is super strong thanks to his characteristic mask.

Bad Bunny The Dead Spider-Man film
Links: El Muerto in the comics, rights: Bad Bunny in Bullet Train (Image: Sony Images)

removed from schedule

But yeah, all those plans are now falling apart. The reputable Hollywood trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sony has removed the project from the film agenda. On January 12, meanwhile, it had become simply impossible: cameras hadn’t started rolling yet, and the script wasn’t finished yet, but because of the strikes there are no scriptwriters available.

In fact, Sony Pictures was still releasing the Marvel movie, according to sources. Reportedly, in addition to Bad Bunny, the company also wanted to bring in Mercedes Varnado, a professional wrestler. Notorious Spider-Man villain Tombstone, an iconic villain from the comics, would also appear in the film, played by Marvin Jones III. Yes, the American rapper and actor who also voiced that character in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

good news something like

So is there any good news? Yes something like that. Removing a film from the cinema agenda does not mean that the project goes directly to the fridge. Sony Pictures can simply wait out the strikes and then speed up, with a new release date that is further in the future.

Don’t get too excited though, as Bad Bunny’s jam-packed touring schedule was already a pain in the ass for Sony, according to reliable sources, and his involvement will make it difficult to reschedule the entire project. Heck, luckily, there are also plenty of Spider-Man spin-offs to look forward to in the near future.

Much more Spider-Man!

October 5 is coming kraven the hunter outside, and before February 16 of the following year lady web on the calendar, with Dakota Johnson and Euphoriastar Sydney Sweeney. No, with the well-known characters around Spider-Man himself, it will be fine as far as movies and series are concerned. The big question is: where is the next Spider-Man movie about Peter Parker himself, with Tom Holland? Marvel recently opened a brochure on this, as you can read in this article. As for Bad Bunny’s acting career, the only other upcoming movie left on his IMDb profile is american sole. Or check out his latest single:

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The Spider-Man movie with the world’s greatest artist died

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