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The Witcher star is breathing favorite

The search for the new James Bond keeps the mood busy in England. The ranking of the biggest chance makers in the betting shops It has changed considerably in recent weeks. We take stock.

James Bond has been since the appearance of Royal Casino it became a mega-franchise in 1953. Twelve original books, countless stories by other writers, 27 movies, and six Bond actors later, the franchise is poised for a fresh start. A new age.

dag daniel craig

Daniel Craig brought 007 into the 21st century with a fresh, more serious take on the iconic character. After no time to die handed over his Aston Martin. In fact, tourists may even be at James Bond’s grave. visits. After fifteen years it’s time for a successor.

We already know a lot: the producers behind the mega-franchise have already revealed that they are looking for a man in their thirties. A young actor with whom they can get ahead. We also already know that they are looking for a man, and that Barbara Broccoli, the mother of the franchise, is open to actors of any ethnicity. Also, we need to talk about the rumors, and oh boy, there are many of them. The British tabloids are full of it. Bookmakers and betting offices have also been grappling with the very important question of life for years: who will succeed Daniel Craig?

The new James Bond

Both juice channels and the betting shops agreement that Aaron-Taylor Johnson is the main contender. According to a French juice channel, Broccoli would even be very excited about the Bullet trainstar, who you may also know from his brief appearance as Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An announcement of his new role would be imminent. Something that Broccoli himself denies: according to the 63-year-old producer, they haven’t even started looking for the new Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Wanda’s little brother (Image: Marvel Studios)

Henry Cavill persists

Meanwhile, the betting shops not quietly Especially in recent weeks, the ranking of the contenders has changed quite a bit. Aaron-Taylor Johnson has held the top spot for months, currently with odd from 6/4, but Henry Cavill is breathing more and more down the 33-year-old actor’s neck. Cavill is currently in the last The Wizard and recently retired from his role as Superman, but he’s technically too old for the role of 007 if you take producer Michael G. Wilson’s words literally.

He indicated last year that he’s looking to be in his mid-thirties, and Cavill recently turned 40. Still, the hype around the actor hasn’t waned, especially after Royal CasinoDirector Martin Campbell highlighted last month how fantastic Henry Cavill was during his original auditions for the role of James Bond in 2005, when he sadly lost to Daniel Craig. What could have been

henry cavill, new james bond, 007
henry cavill (Image: ANP)


well, the betting shops and his fans have yet to give Cavill as a contender. Of odd since 11/4 is firmly in second place, a place the movie star has had to share since last week with James Norton, a big name, especially in England, who you might know from top BBC series. happy valley. As a run-of-the-mill underdog, the 37-year-old actor has been a top contender for years, if you put it betting shops ask. According to Lee Phelps, a spokesman for bet runner William Hill, don’t underestimate the British actor: “There seems to be another dramatic twist in our search for the next Bond, with Happy Valley-starring James Norton as the new name everyone is talking about.”

After Johnson, Cavill and Norton, the ranking is completed by Paapa Essiedu, Regé-Jean Page, Tom Hardy and Richard Madden respectively. Well-known names, which have actually been around since the release of no time to die they are making musical chairs. Nonsense musical chairs, you could say. The announcement of the next James Bond could be next week, next month or a year from now.

James Norton, new James Bond (1)
james norton (Image: EPA/Jerome Roux)

New James Bond adventure

The producers of the franchise draw their own plan, as they have shown several times over the past decades. Fans will simply have to be patient. Well, in the meantime, following the bookmaker’s ranking is just an innocent pastime. Speaking of which, a new Bond adventure after Craig’s farewell is out, in book form. You can read more about that in this article. Reading tip!

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The new star of James Bond: The Witcher is breathing favorite

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