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This is how the new Superman will be according to the corridors

James Gunn’s new Superman movie begins filming next year. DC Studios is busy with casting, and according to the halls of Hollywood, these are the new Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and, of course, Superman. Goodbye Henry Cavill!

The next The flashThe film is both an end and a new beginning. James Gunn currently continues to compose for Marvel Studios with guardians of the galaxy vol. 3, but has officially been on the other side since the end of last year. As the co-CEO of DC Studios, he is responsible for the future of Batman, Superman and all of the comic book giant’s other iconic superheroes and villains. Both on the big screen and on television.

New beginnings with Superman: Legacy

The flash it was already in the works, but that movie is being used to reboot the DC universe. A new beginning. Gunn has already announced the first films in the new cinematic universe. Supergirl, Swamp Thing, Batman and Robin, among others, will have their own movie. The only upcoming blockbuster with a release date is Superman: Legacy.

That will be the first film Gunn will have to prove himself with, though the 56-year-old director has one. recorded audio of jewels Superman: Legacy is scheduled for a July 11, 2025 release and is written and directed by James Gunn. The superhero movie follows a young Kal-El, who finds his alien. estate and life on earth must try to reconcile. Kind of a reboot Iron Man therefore without Henry Cavill as Superman.

Who will be the new Superman?

The movie will begin filming in January of next year, Gunn confirmed last week. In other words, a new Superman is needed! DC Studios is clearly looking for a fresh, young, new face to become the… face of the new DCEU. Thanks to the renowned trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter, we already know who is most likely to play the role and who else is in the running.

The journalists of The Hollywood Reporter write that David Corenswet will most likely become the new Superman. You may know the 29-year-old actor from Pearlor the tv series lady in the lake. He’s one of the lesser-known names buzzing the halls of Hollywood, making him more likely to become the face of DC’s most iconic superhero. After all, the general public still doesn’t associate it with other major franchises.

New Superman DC Legacy
David Corenswet in Hollywood (Picture: Netflix)

Other contenders and Lex Luthor

Other alleged contenders are Euphoriastar Jacob Elordi and British actors Andrew Richardson (To call a spy) to Tom Brittney (grantchester). However, sources from the equally respectable Deadline cite Nicholas Hoult (The menu) as the main contender. Hoult, 33, is by far the biggest and most famous name on the list. However, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Hoult is definitely a Warner Bros. favorite but not for the role of Superman. The magazine claims that Hoult is in the running to play Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor. He was previously in the running for the role of Batman.

New Superman DC Legacy
From left to right: Nicholas Hoult, Jacob Elordi, Andrew Richardson and Tom Brittney (Pictures: Netflix, Fox Searchlight Pictures, ITV)

lois lane

Can you imagine it already? David Corenswet with Nicholas Hoult, as the new Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg. A fresh, young, new start to the DC movies. Of course, that also includes a new Lois Lane, to complete the classic look from the comics. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Sex education-star Emma Mackey, Rachel Brosnahan (Wonderful Mrs. Maisel)Samara Weaving (scream 6) by Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton) are in the running for that role. In contrast to the search for the new Superman, in the case of Lois Lane, according to the magazine, it is not yet clear who is the big favorite. Brosnahan reportedly had “excellent” hearing, but at 32 he falls out, according to insiders outside the “20-year-old” age range, which Gunn is reportedly looking for.

New Superman DC Legacy
Rachel Brosnahan, Emma Mackey, Samara Weaving and Phoebe Dynevor (Pictures: Netflix, Amazon, Paramount)

James Gunn’s Cryptic Hints

Since cameras are already rolling in January, we’ll probably hear more soon. In the meantime, he’ll stick with this type of reporting, though you can’t entirely talk about empty rumors with sources like The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline. Gunn will at least keep his mouth shut in the meantime, though the new head of DC Studios isn’t afraid to drop a cryptic hint on Twitter:

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These will be the new Superman and Lois Lane according to the corridors

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