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This is what James Cameron earns with Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Path of Water it’s a big hit, and that gives James Cameron a nice bag of money plus several records, as it seems now.

You can hardly have missed that Avatar: The Path of Water it is a resounding success. In advance, some critics have already predicted a big flop. The original Avatar after all, it relied mostly on the novelty of 3D movies, a hype that turned out to be short-lived. After almost fourteen years, will the general public still turn out for a sequel?

Historic success of Avatar

That was the big question. James Cameron, the mastermind behind the franchise, noted in the run-up to its release that the film had to make over a billion dollars to break even. In other words, the path of water it had to finish at the top of the top of the greatest movies of all time to break even. An absurd situation.

Now, two months later, Cameron has silenced the skeptics. And how! Avatar: The Path of Water it has a box office of $2.1 billion at the time of writing, making it the fourth biggest movie of all time. In fact, the success of the cinema is about to Titanic to catch up, the film that now holds the bronze medal.

This is what James Cameron deserves (at least)

Exactly: a film that also comes from James Cameron. And the best movie of all time? that’s the first Avatar, also from Cameron. Single Avengers Endgame secondly, it ensures that the 68-year-old director does not have the complete top three in his hands. In any case, it is a historic achievement, an unprecedented record.

The explosive film billing of the path of water not only ensures that what is planned aftermath they are insured, but it also provides James Cameron with a good amount. Forbes reports according to film industry sources, the filmmaker will earn “at least” $95 million from the success of the second film. Avatar-movie.

Avatar the path of water running time
James Cameron (Image: Disney)

just the beginning

According to experts, Cameron has a “heavy back-end deal”. In other words: to limit the risks, the director received a limited amount up front, but he also benefits if the film is a success because he receives bonuses if certain billinggoals be achieved. it should be clear that the path of water moose aim placed.

Plus: The movie is still in theaters, hasn’t released on Blu-ray yet, and it’s also accompanied by a deluge of merchandise. In other words, Forbes emphasizes that the $95 million is just the beginning. For comparison: shortly after the release of the first Avatar Cameron was claimed to have made $350 million from that film.

Forbes Top 10

Regardless, the filmmaker is already in eighth place. top 10 earning artists compiled by Forbes. He’s the only director on the list besides Tyler Perry, and Perry is also a studio head.

In the near future, there will undoubtedly be more clarity on how the pot will be divided. After all, these kinds of success stories are the ultimate fodder for (film) journalists. However, one thing is already clear: James Cameron has the last laugh.

By the way, one more tip: the VFX specialists of the Corridor Crew YouTube channel recently uploaded a video showing you the special effects van the path of water parse:

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This is what James Cameron deserves from the mega-hit Avatar: The Way of Water

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