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TikTok master on Smartest Human criticism: “Negativity is part of it”

The participants of the popular program the smartest person can count on a critical audience in recent times. The main focus is on the knowledge level of the participants. ‘Master Jesper’ also had to deal with it and now he responds via Subway about criticism.

Of smartest humanviewers are not sweet on this season’s contestants. According to them, there is often a lack of general knowledge and op Many have already been filleted on Twitter.

TikTok master in the Smartest Human

So is teacher Jesper, who is a well-known elementary school teacher on TikTok by that name. He shares all kinds of learning tips on his social media channels and draws funny situations in class. Us I talked to him before about his book and today we decided to call him again to ask him how he lived his participation. Because how does he view critical reactions?

Master Jesper took it in the episode of the smartest person against actress Anniek Pheifer and biologist Matyas Bittenbinder. In the final, she finally withdrew and the viewers criticized, among other things, the fact that she did not know the composer Richard Wagner. Some reactions sounded like Jesper, as a teacher, should have known better.

critical responses

How does Master Jesper remember his participation? “A very nice experience,” he laughs. “I am happy to have participated, but the disappointment prevailed that I flew. I would have loved to have stayed for a few episodes.” The elementary teacher explains that he was nervous, but he got better during the game. “Anniek finally beat me by seven seconds and in the final I had questions I didn’t know. Then it all ended quickly.”

The professor says that he is a “mad” for games and a fanatic. “But when you’re there you feel pressure. There are a lot of people watching and of course I’m a teacher so there are expectations. I was aware of that.” And when Jesper retired, critical viewers brought his career back. “It is always easy to say things from the sidelines. I myself believe, I also see that in class, that everyone has different talents and subjects that you are good at. You get questions on all sorts of topics. Some answers you know, others you don’t. It just depends on what you understand.”

‘bad teacher’

The TikTok master emphasizes that he received mostly nice and positive reactions and is not easily annoyed by comments online. “Of course, I am active on social media and I know the principle. Negative reactions are part of that, you learn to deal with it.” He has no doubts about his own abilities as a teacher. “The fact that he knows who Wagner is or not does not determine whether I am a good or bad teacher. Come and take a look in the classroom, then you can see it.”

Jury member Maarten van Rossem recently pointed out that many smartest humanthe participants lack historical knowledge. Does Master Jesper agree? “Today we are focusing a lot on skills in the classroom. Perhaps less attention is paid to facts and knowledge. That could be.”


Jesper would again participate “100 percent” in the knowledge quiz. “I would like to take revenge.” His class saw his appearance on TV and was quite disappointed that he was out. “And who Wagner is, I’ll never forget,” she laughs.

You watch the episode of De Slimste Mens with ‘Meester Jesper’ back through NPO.

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TikTok master on Smartest Human criticism: “Negativity is part of it”

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